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Entitlement to Social Services in Israel: The ‘Child' of Traditional Values, New Ideologies and Unique Demographics

Yheudit Bareket, Health Managment, Ben-Gurion University, P.O.B. 653, Beer-Sheva, 84105, Israel, 972-54-4739807, barekety@bgu.ac.il and Shifra Shvarts, Center of Health Policy in the Negev, Ben Gurion University, Haruv street, 14, Omer, 84965, Israel.

Background: This study analyzes social work services in Israeli not for profit HMOs before and after the enactment of Israel's 1994 Compulsory National Health Insurance Law. The current models of social services within the HMOs bears the legacy of pre-State values that combine traditional Jewish community values such as responsibility to assist the needy (tzdaka); Zionist ideology's aspirations to build a new ‘healthy' Jewish society (well being on the individual and communal level); and addressing the special needs of an overwhelming young immigrant population. The social welfare role that emerged out of this historical heritage fits Who's', definition of health as ‘a state of complete physical and mental welfare, and not only an absence of illness or handicap.” This study deals with social services within Israel health system. Methodology: The research is qualitative, based primarily on in-depth interviews, observation and a survey of the literature, archives and legislation. Findings: Israel's social services are unique - the upshot of unique historical heritage. Prior to 1994 legislation, the not for profit HMOs formulated social work policy independently: Three of them integrated social work into their operation, while the forth referred members to public and private welfare services- out of the HMO itself. The 1994 legislation unified and structured social work and made it mandatory to integrate it within all four HMOs – a holistic orientation to health. Conclusion: Legislation mandated social services be an integral part of Israel not for profit HMO's operations, despite trends towards commercialization and privatization of welfare services.

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Keywords: Social Services, Welfare

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The 134th Annual Meeting & Exposition (November 4-8, 2006) of APHA