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Role of health facility assessment in health systems performance: Use of Core Indicators

Bolaji M. Fapohunda, PhD, John Snow, Inc., MEASURE Evaluation, 1616 N. Forth Myer Drive, Arlington, MD 20876, 703.528.7474, bfapohunda@jsi.com and Nancy Fronczak, PhD, MEASURE DHS, ORC Macro, 11785 Beltsville Drive, Calverton, MD 20705.

Background Health facility assessment (HFA) is a health systems (HS) performance assessment method. HFA data are useful for program monitoring and for mapping services to population needs. Several approaches have been developed, including Service Availability Mapping by WHO, Service Provision Assessment, Facility Assessment of Service Quality with support from USAID, and Health Facility Census by JICA. A key gap is that indicators, data elements, and questions are framed differently across approaches, making data incomparable within or across countries and/or time. This incomparability encourages the collection of same data multiple times with significant cost implications. This paper describes steps by WHO and MEASURE Evaluation partners to define core indicators, streamline data collection, and increase the power of HFAs for monitoring HS.

Method This paper will describe the process and outcomes of developing the core indicators. A technical working group (TWG), including WHO, MEASURE Evaluation, JSI, FUTURES, ORC Macro International, and JICA will review the existing measures, and define the criteria for developing appropriate two-three indicators. Once developed, the indicators will be standardized across the different approaches of HFA approaches, beginning with USG and WHO based methods.

Findings Preliminary meta-analysis of data reveals that core indicators: •Facilitate cost effective data collection •Facilitate a snap-short view of health systems performance •Rebuild waning confidence regarding the measurability of health systems impact •Encourage representative data collection for program performance monitoring on a national scale

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    Keywords: Health Information Systems, Performance Measurement

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    Measuring Health Systems Performance

    The 134th Annual Meeting & Exposition (November 4-8, 2006) of APHA