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Quitting for two: Results from 8 years of smoking cessation services for pregnant women

Derek R. Smith, MPH/MSW, Cristina Ugaitafa, MPH, and Naida Pare. Health Policy, Planning, and Promotion, San Mateo County Department of Public Health, 225 W. 37th Ave., 3rd Floor, San Mateo, CA 94403, 650-573-2012, DSmith1@co.sanmateo.ca.us

Smoking during pregnancy leads to health complications for mother and baby. The San Mateo County Health Department Smoke-Free Start for Families (SFSF) program has dedicated over eight years to the promotion of healthy outcomes for newborns and pregnant women. The program utilizes tailored telephonic counseling to support women attempting to quit smoking during their pregnancy. Reaching pregnant smokers has been a challenge due to stigma surrounding smoking during pregnancy and hesitance to reach out for help. Staff have established ongoing relationships with physicians, who have become the major referral source for our program. Telephone counselors are trained in tailoring services to the needs of pregnant women and have considerable experience in providing cessation services to this population. Since the program began in 1997, 680 pregnant clients have been referred or have self-referred to SFSF. A total of 424 pregnant and post-partum women have been enrolled into the program (completing 2 or more phone sessions). Of those enrolled, 80.9% reported reduction of cigarette consumption during the course of their sessions. Of the 424 clients, 61.7% reported at least one quit attempt during their involvement in phone counseling sessions. A major success of the program is the 30-day quit rate. 48.6% of our 424 clients were documented as reporting being abstinent from cigarettes for a 30-day period or more. The impact of the program is clear: pregnant women who quit smoking have fewer birthing complications and fewer low birth weight babies. The benefits continue throughout the life of mother and child.

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Keywords: Pregnancy, Smoking Cessation

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