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APHA Scientific Session and Event Listing
Session: Policy and Advocacy Best Practices
3178.0: Monday, November 06, 2006: 12:30 PM-1:30 PM
Policy and Advocacy Best Practices
Learning Objectives: Refer to the individual abstracts for learning objectives
Board 1Incorporating a Rights-Based Framework into Leadership Development Programs to Advance Sexual and Reproductive Health *
Gwendolyn Smith, MPA, Esther Tahrir, MPH, Josephine Ramos, MA, Rossana Cifuentes, MD
Board 2Birth control policy switched to birth promotion policy in a same generation - the dilemma of public health workers
Jin-Su Choi, Sun Seog Kweon, Minho Shin, Eun-Kyung Jeong, Hyung-Cheol Park
Board 3Evidence-based Advocacy to Mobilize Financial Resources for FP/RH in Jordan: An Application on National Family Planning Accounts
Suneeta Sharma, PhD, MHA, Margaret Rowan, MPH, CPA, Carol Shepherd, ScD, MS, Basma Ishaqat
Board 4Repositioning family planning in East Africa *
Thomas J. Goliber, PhD, Rachel Sanders, MPP
Board 5Islamic leaders' regional initiative for repositioning family planning: Protecting the health of women
Laurette L. Cucuzza, MPH, Danielle Grant
Board 6Segmenting the Philippine family planning market: Utilizing data from the National Demographic Health Survey to mobilize public and private policy and decision-makers towards contraceptive self-reliance
Maria Odilyn M. De Guzman-Lazaro, MA, Jeffrey Sine, MPH, PhD
Board 7Youth-centered comprehensive sexuality education advocacy project in Costa Rica, Panama and Peru
Denise Kohn, MPH, Amanda Claremon, MPH, Maria Antonieta Alcalde
Board 8Identifying the contribution of the Mesoamerican Human Rights Movement to sexual and reproductive health programs
Rossana Cifuentes, MD, Cizel Zea, MD, MPA, Esther Tahrir, MPH, Gwendolyn Smith, MPA
Board 9Best Practices in Networking for Reproductive Health Policy Change
Imelda Feranil, MA
Board 10Linking efforts to prevent gender-based violence and HIV: Using the nexus of sexuality, health and human rights in a pilot project in China, India, Thailand and Vietnam *
Sofia Gruskin, JD, MIA, Shahira Ahmed, MPH, Laura Ferguson, MS, Susana Fried, PhD MCRP, Mindy Jane Roseman, JD, PhD
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.
Organized by:Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health
Endorsed by:APHA-Committee on Women's Rights; Academic Public Health Caucus; International Health; Maternal and Child Health; Socialist Caucus; Women's Caucus

The 134th Annual Meeting & Exposition (November 4-8, 2006) of APHA