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Session: Public Health & Human Rights: The Role of CHWs
3022.0: Monday, November 06, 2006: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Public Health & Human Rights: The Role of CHWs
It is hard to believe that in the current society of technological and social advances, that there are many who still suffer from the denial and violation of human rights. Human rights violations can take many shapes and forms, and it is imperative that we are just as diverse and comprehensive in our approach to addressing and rectifying these issues. This session will explore community driven responses to human rights issues ranging from providing equal opportunities to quality health services and quality education to addressing basic needs of participants after a natural disaster such as, shelter, food, and medicine.
Learning Objectives: At the end of this session, participants will be able to 1) Discuss human rights violation as a public health issues. 2)Participants will assess the different roles for CHWs in addressing human rights violations in national and international settings.
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:40 AMCommunity Health Workers in Tobago build a community response to human rights violations  [ Recorded presentation ]
Sergio Matos, CHW, Deborah Williams, CHW
8:55 AMRestoring human rights to displaced residents using the Neighborhood Health Messenger Model  [ Recorded presentation ]
Luanne S. Francis, Bsc, MPH
9:10 AMChanging the role of the peer health advocate in a Federal Healthy Start Project  [ Recorded presentation ]
Maurine Jones, PhD, Linda Contreras, MPH, Arrie Battle
9:25 AMImproving access to HIV testing and counseling and prevention education: A rural Hispanic/Latino Promotores Program  [ Recorded presentation ]
Antonio Torres, BA, Lina Loaiza, BS, Elvia Graves, Michaela G. Lindahl, MPH, Daniel Lopez-Cevallos, MPH, Elizabeth Rink, LCSW, CHES
9:40 AMDiscussion
9:55 AMConcluding Remarks
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.
Organized by:Community Health Workers SPIG
Endorsed by:APHA-International Human Rights Committee; Community-Based Public Health Caucus; Latino Caucus; Maternal and Child Health; Medical Care; Public Health Education and Health Promotion; Women's Caucus
CE Credits:CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing

The 134th Annual Meeting & Exposition (November 4-8, 2006) of APHA