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APHA Scientific Session and Event Listing
Session: Access to Care: Addressing Barriers Encountered by Latinos
4096.0: Tuesday, November 07, 2006: 12:30 PM-1:30 PM
Access to Care: Addressing Barriers Encountered by Latinos
Hispanics represent an estimated 13% of the US population (US Census Bureau, 2002), during the next three decades this population is expected to greatly increase and will impact many key areas of our society. Access to health care is currently an issue that is amplified by the lack of health insurance, poverty, language barriers and inadequate health care facilities in communities with large numbers of Hispanics. These are a few of the obstacles that must be resolved to improve and maintain the health of all Americans. The purpose of this session is to provide evidence of programs that have effectively increased access to care for Hispanics. This session is relevant to public health leaders interested in reducing disparities associated with breast, prostate and colorectal cancer; for health care leaders that are attempting to increase access to clinics, and for those that want to increase the quality of programs for persons with limited English proficiency. The session is important to leaders in academia and public health professionals who want to learn about new models of increasing access to health care.
Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this session the learner will: 1. Know the key elements of building a coalition that increased access to care for Hispanics/Latinos. 2. Understand barriers that have to be eliminated to increase access to care for HL. 3. Develop culturally sensitive models to address access to care in a clinic or emergency room. 4. Describe HL preferences for being screened for various types of cancer.
Board 1SALUD, a student initiative to combat health care access disparities
Arturo Torres, BA, Patricia Documét, MD, DrPH, Mary Herbert, MS, MPH, Thuy Bui, MD
Board 2Coalition builiding from within an academic institution to improve language access services
Eduardo R. Ochoa, MD, Nancy E. Dockter, BA, Hosea W. Long, MA, Creshelle R. Nash, MD, MPH, Willa B. Sanders, MPA, Carla C. Sparks, BS, M. Kate Stewart, MD, MPH, Billy R. Thomas, MD, MPH, H. Otis Tyler, MS
Board 3How rural hospitals accommodate low English proficiency (LEP) Spanish-speaking patients through language assistance
Myriam E. Torres, PhD, MSPH, Deborah Parra-Medina, PhD, MPH, Andy O. Johnson, MPH, Jessica D. Bellinger, MPH, Janice C. Probst, PhD
Board 4Needs assessment to identify emergency room experiences of a Latino community
Carlene Webb, BS, Vickie Sanchez, PhD, Derek Holcomb, PhD, Michael Ballard, EdD
Board 5Latino men in East Los Angeles: Preferences for informed decision making regarding prostate cancer screening
Marina C. Alvarez, MPH, Beth Glenn, PhD, Rosana Leos, MPH, Roshan Bastani, PhD
Board 6Colorectal cancer screening among Latinos from U.S. cities along the Texas-Mexico border
María E. Fernández, PhD, Rosario C. Wippold, RNC, MPH, Janet L. Williams, MPH, Theresa Byrd, DrPH
Board 7Colorectal cancer screening among latinos from U.S. cities along the Texas-Mexico border: A qualitative study
María E. Fernández, PhD, Rosario C. Wippold, RNC, MPH
Board 8Assessing rural Hispanics' preferred health promotion strategies: Towards a culturally-appropriate and acculturation-sensitive approach to Hispanic health promotion in Illinois
Sergio Cristancho, PhD, D. Marcela Garces, MSPH, Ben Mueller, MS, Karen E. Peters, DrPH
Board 9Implementing the CLAS standards: A key to access
Alberto J.F. Cardelle, PhD, MPH, Lissett Lahoz, BS
Board 10Mapping the complexity of health care access for undocumented latinos *
Carolina Gonzalez-Schlenker, MD MPH
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.
Organized by:Latino Caucus
Endorsed by:Black Caucus of Health Workers; Caucus on Refugee and Immigrant Health; Community Health Workers SPIG; Maternal and Child Health; Socialist Caucus; Women's Caucus

The 134th Annual Meeting & Exposition (November 4-8, 2006) of APHA