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Session: AIDS Evaluation in Africa: What Have We Learned?
3219.0: Monday, November 06, 2006: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
AIDS Evaluation in Africa: What Have We Learned?
This session presents results from AIDS evaluation studies on African countries, from different perspectives and institutions. The aim is to foster dialogue and learning from experience rather than to offer prescriptions. By the end of the session, participants can expect to be able to understand and compare and contrast results and methodologies of evaluations of World Bank-financed HIV and AIDS programs and of UN Development Program-supported (UNDP) HIV and AIDS activities in Africa. Similarly, participants can be expected to understand approaches and results to AIDS evaluation in two individual African countries Uganda and Eritrea where evaluation has been a prominent and relatively successful feature of their AIDS programs. Both the World Bank evaluation and the UNDP study concentrate on the experience of African countries. The amounts of money spent on AIDS were many times greater in the case of the World Bank than in the case of UNDP, and this inevitably has consequences for the nature and depth of the evaluations. The World Bank study concentrated on AIDS programs and their effectiveness. The UNDP evaluation, in contrast, addresses more the work and contributions of UNDP as an institution, with less attention to the impact of its work on HIV and AIDS, especially since it concentrated on intermediate variables such as governance and capacity building. The Uganda and Eritrea evaluation studies endeavored to look at the entirety of HIV and AIDS programs in these countries, without regard to their sources of financing.
Learning Objectives: Understand and be able to compare AIDS evaluation results from studies sponsored by different institutions; learn about country perspectives on AIDS evaluation and AIDS evaluation results at the country level in Africa; gain insights into AIDS evaluation methodologies by understanding applications.
Organizer(s):A. Edward Elmendorf, MA, MPH
12:30 PMLessons from AIDS evaluation in Uganda
Phyllis Joy Mukaire, MA, John Ssekamatte Sebuliba, PhD, David Kawesa, MD, MPH
12:50 PMIncreasing the effectiveness of African HIV/AIDS programs: Evidence from an independent evaluation of World Bank support  [ Recorded presentation ]
Martha Ainsworth, PhD
1:10 PMLessons from AIDS evaluation in Eritrea  [ Recorded presentation ]
Marcelo Castrillo, MD, MPH, Bernardo Kiflesus, MPH, Embaye Andom, MPH
1:30 PMLessons Learned: Evaluation of UNDP's role and contributions to the HIV and AIDS Response in Southern Africa and Ethiopia  [ Recorded presentation ]
A. Edward Elmendorf, MA, MPH, Ikwo Ekpo, MA, MPH, Anthony William Kinghorn, BSc, MBBCh, Sulley Gariba, PhD
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.
Organized by:International Health
Endorsed by:HIV/AIDS; Maternal and Child Health; Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health
CE Credits:CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing

The 134th Annual Meeting & Exposition (November 4-8, 2006) of APHA