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Session: The Impact of Conflict on Health Systems
5173.0: Wednesday, November 08, 2006: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
Panel Discussion
The Impact of Conflict on Health Systems
Countries emerging from conflict have some of the worst morbidity and mortality rates in the world; yet the main culprit is often not lingering violence but preventable and treatable disease. Rebuilding an effective health care system is of prime importance for limiting excessive death, particularly among children under-five who suffer disproportionately during times of conflict. Health programs may also make measurable contributions to peace processes and to help legitimize newly formed governments. The common challenges faced in rebuilding health systems in several post-conflict countries will be discussed, as well as specific obstacles to delivering care in conflict-affected areas. Experiences from Uganda, a stable country with pockets of conflict, will illustrate the need for crisis preparedness and emergency response, as well as for long-term coordination and capacity-building. Issues arising during the planning and early implementation stages of reconstructing a health system are presented from Afghanistan. Conflictís effect on child health is specifically addressed in the context of the DR Congo, as are important lessons for delivering services in conflict-affected countries. Finally, the reoccurrence of violence in East Timor, interrupting the restoration of health services by a new and vulnerable government, provides new insights into the complex interface between governance and health services. The panel will end with a multi-country presentation describing different approaches used by diverse donors in rebuilding health systems.
Learning Objectives: 1. Describe 3 common challenges to rebuilding health systems in a post-conflict country 2. Name 1 key lesson for those providing health services in conflict-affected countries 3. Explain one way that health programs might contribute to peace processes and to help legitimize newly formed governments
Organizer(s):Diana Silimperi, MD
Moderator(s):Diana Silimperi, MD
2:30 PMImpact of Conflict on Child Health: Problem and Solutions  [ Recorded presentation ]
Emmanuel D'Harcourt, MD, MPH, Richard Brennan, MD
2:45 PMUganda: Crisis Preparedness and Emergency Response  [ Recorded presentation ]
Elizabeth A. Rowley, MIA, MHS
3:00 PMHealth Planning and Implementation in Post-Conflict Afghanistan  [ Recorded presentation ]
Laurence D. Laumonier-Ickx
3:15 PMGovernance and Health Services Restoration: East Timor
Arturo Sanabria
3:30 PMRebuilding Health Systems in a Post-Conflict Environment  [ Recorded presentation ]
Ronald Waldman, MD, MPH
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Organized by:International Health
Endorsed by:Socialist Caucus

The 134th Annual Meeting & Exposition (November 4-8, 2006) of APHA