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Session: Infectious Disease Surveillance Poster Session
2032.0: Sunday, November 04, 2007: 2:30 PM-3:30 PM
Infectious Disease Surveillance Poster Session
Board 1Using clinical data in BioSense to detect pneumonia cases
Armenak Asatryan, MD, MPH, Roseanne English, Haobo Ma, MD, MS, Achintya Dey, MA, John Copeland, MS, Jerome Tokars, MD, MPH
Board 2A community surveillance network for infectious disease complementing national surveillance system
Jin-Su Choi, Sun Seog Kweon, Minho Shin, Hye Ran Ahn, Hyung-Cheol Park, Tae-Myung Yoo
Board 3Surveillance of tick-borne emerging infections in New York State
Domingo A. Almonte, BA, Dennis J. White, PhD, Gary Lukacick, MA, Sarah Kogut, BA, Mark VanDeusen, MA
Board 4   Daily Situational Awareness Tool (DSAT): Utilizing real time infectious disease surveillance systems
Michael Leach, MPH, Scott Morrow, MD, MPH, Evelyn T. Ho, MPH, Diana D. McDonnell, PhD
Board 5A survey assessment of infectious disease surveillance, epidemiology and laboratory capacity in the Paso del Norte region of the United States-Mexico border
W. David Selvage, MHS, PA-C, Paul Dulin, MA, Chad Smelser, MD, Patricia Frank, RN, MSN, MPA, Joan Baumbach, MD, MS, MPH
Board 6Improving notifiable disease/condition surveillance through revising state regulations (Chapter 64D-3, Florida Administrative Code)
Janet Hamilton, MPH, Richard Hopkins, MD, MSPH
Board 7Whoop, where it is? Pertussis in the United States from 2000-2005
Kashif Iqbal, MPH, Kristin Brown, Barbara Slade, MD
Board 8Social Determinants of Infections: A European Perspective
Jan C. Semenza, PhD, MPH, MS
Board 9Investigating social and environmental predictors of human cases of West Nile Virus
Jennifer Kmet, MPH, J. Mac Crawford, RN, PhD, Lei Shen, PhD, Esra Ozdenerol-Garner, PhD
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Organized by:Epidemiology

The 135th APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition (November 3-7, 2007) of APHA