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Session: Contemporary Policy and Intervention Issues in HIV/AIDS
3277.1: Monday, November 05, 2007: 2:30 PM-3:30 PM
Contemporary Policy and Intervention Issues in HIV/AIDS
The focus of the posters within this session reflect both policy implications as well as new intervention programs. Posters address how to facilitate partnerships with diverse community-based organizations, the relationship of HV/AIDS issues with national security issues, and relevant international concerns. Regarding intervention programs, posters cover new issues in terms of behavior change among vulnerable segments of the population.
Learning Objectives: 1. Discuss methods to enhance capacity building. 2. Describe contemporary policy issues surround HIV surveillance and prevention. 3. Recognize contemporary invention strategies.
Moderator(s):Jessica R. Jones
Board 1Prevalence and correlates of “selective avoidance” among African American adolescent females at risk of acquiring and transmitting STDs
Ralph DiClemente, PhD, Gina Wingood, MPH ScD, Richard A. Crosby, PhD, Laura F. Salazar, PhD
Board 2    Life Skills Advocate, HIV Home Care Model
H. Dawn Fukuda, ScM, David V. Lessard, BA
Board 3HRSA Funded Grantees Convened in a Strategic Process Intended to Enhance Funding Impact Through Collaboration
Victor Alos, DMD, MPH, Kenneth Alston, MSPH, Alma Roberts, MPH, Jackie Williams, PhD, RN, Maxine Reed-Vance, PhD(abd) MS
Board 4Positive representations? A content analysis of imagery in direct-to consumer HIV drug advertisements from 1997-2005
Cabral A. Bigman, A. Susana Ramirez, Derek Freres
Board 5Confronting internalized oppression as a barrier to self-care among Black MSM: The RISE intervention
Kip Castner, MPS, Rickie Green
Board 6New initiatives in HIV surveillance
Stefanie White, MPH, Becky Grigg, PhD, Pam Fillmore, Bonnie Hardy
Board 7HIV/AIDS and national security: A history of benefits and hazards
Harley Feldbaum, MPH
Board 8Impact of a community collaborative HIV prevention program on urban parents training to become HIV community educators
Stacey Alicea, MPH, Laura Elwyn, MSW, Mary McKay, PhD
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.
Organized by:HIV/AIDS
Endorsed by:Maternal and Child Health; Socialist Caucus

The 135th APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition (November 3-7, 2007) of APHA