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APHA Scientific Session and Event Listing
Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday, November 05, 2007

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6:30 AM-8:00 AM Mon
   288.0Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Students and Young Professionals Breakfast Meeting
   290.0CHW Program Planning Meeting
   292.0Environment Section Meeting for Members III
   293.0ICHES All-Member Breakfast
   294.0International Health Section Business Meeting II
   296.0Maternal and Child Health Leadership Meeting
   297.0OHS Section Business Meeting
   298.0PHEHP Section Business Meeting 1
   299.0Health Communication Work Group Business Meeting 1
   300.0PHN Business Meeting
   301.0Social Work Business Meeting

6:30 AM-10:00 AM Mon
   428.0Committee on Affiliate Business Meeting

7:00 AM-8:00 AM Mon
   303.0Business Meeting
   304.0F&N 2008 Meeting Planning Session
   305.0Business Meeting
   306.0Medical Care Section Business Meeting #3
   307.0Mental Health Section Business Meeting I
   308.0CNHEO Meeting

7:30 AM-10:30 AM Mon
   309.0Education Board Meeting

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Mon
   310.0EHOC Caucus Meeting
   3000.0Smoke-Free Policies: Workplaces and Beyond
   3001.0Approaches and Methods: Screening and Brief Intervention
   3002.0HIV and Drug Issues
   3003.0Unique Alcohol Issues: Gender, Race, & Ethnicity
   3003.1Herbal and Dietary Health Practices/ Education and Integrative Health Practices
   3004.0Cancer - Successful Collaborations and Partnerships
   3005.0Findings from the Urban Indian Health Commission
   3005.1Late Breaking Developments in Public Health
   3006.0Healthy People 2020: Developing National Objectives for the Next Decade
   3007.0Development and Effectiveness of a Web-Based Alcohol Intervention in the Military
   3007.1How to Write a Good Policy
   3009.0The State of State Public Health: Integrating Services, People and Systems
   3010.0Leveraging Political Power: Working with Elected Officials to Improve Community Health
   3011.0Moving Public Health Systems Research from Infancy to Adolescence: Research Needs, Stakeholder Priorities, and a Joint Agenda
   3012.0Publishing with APHA
   3013.0Integrating Mental, Physical, and Social Health Among AAPIs
   3013.1Access to Care: Implosion of a Public Health Care System
   3014.0Design and Evaluation of Interventions for Specific Populations (e.g., runaway homeless youth, individuals with mental illness, substance abuse disorders)
   3015.0Beyond the Ivory Tower: Designing Effective Interventions for Immigrants and Refugees
   3016.0Educating for the Future
   3017.0What Works? Identifying and Assessing Models, Structures, and Factors that Make or Break Partnerships
   3018.0Improving Outcomes for Vulnerable Children
   3019.0Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic and Health Disparities
   3020.0Systematic Approach for Evaluating Health Related Programs: Examples From NCI's Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities Program Evaluation Activities
   3021.0Reducing Health Disparities: Focus on Immigrant Health
   3022.0New and Emerging Roles for CHWs, Including Researchers, Patient Navigators, Trainers etc
   3023.0Accessibility, Assistive Technology, Personal Assistance
   3024.0Strategies to Build Community Capacity to Engage in the Environmental Health Research Process
   3024.1Using Science to Inform Air Pollution Policy
   3025.0Occupational Epidemiology
   3026.0Perinatal Epidemiology
   3027.0Cancer Epidemiology Session 1
   3028.0Epidemiologic Methods
   3029.0Invited Session: National HIV Behavioral Surveillance among Heterosexuals at High risk of HIV – Reports from Three Sites
   3030.0Community Innovations for Sustainable Food Systems (jointly-organized by the Food and Nutrition & Environment Sections)
   3031.0Marketing To Children
   3032.0Physical Activity and Successful Aging
   3032.1Family Caregiving and Aging
   3033.0Advances in Organizational Design and Management
   3034.0Politics and Policy in Public Health Workforce Development
   3035.0Evaluating Cultural Competence in Patient Satisfaction
   3036.0Data Collection, Statistical Analysis, a Framework to Measure Performance of a Public Health System
   3037.0Building Core Competencies in Public Health Informatics: Pedagogical Strategies
   3037.1GIS Mapping, Global Health Surveillance and Public Policy
   3038.0Emerging Issues and Lessons Learned Regarding HIV Screening
   3039.0Innovative HIV Interventions among Vulnerable Populations
   3040.0Firearm Violence Roundtable Session to Advance Research and Policy Agendas
   3042.0Building a Global Health Career: Directions from Employers and Experts
   3043.0Targeting HIV/AIDS Services to Population Needs
   3044.0Community-based Approaches Are Essential in Global Fight to Increase Child Survival
   3045.0Motherhood: Strategies for Safety
   3046.0Institutionalizing Tuberculosis Control
   3047.0AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections
   3048.0Adolescent Risk Taking: Antecedents, Trends, and Interventions
   3049.0The Role of Politics and Public Policy In Improving Pregnancy Outcomes
   3050.0Promoting Maternal and Child Health: Abortion Access
   3051.0System Supports For Breastfeeding
   3052.0Rural, Frontier, & Urban Health
   3053.0Opportunity & Danger: Health Research in American Prisons
   3053.1Health Care & Population Health: Can Payment Reform Help Bridge the Gap?
   3054.0Carol Mowbray Symposium on Maternal Mental Health
   3055.0Consumer and Family Involvement in Mental Health Treatment Decisions
   3056.0Occupational Health Disparities Institute: Environmental Justice for Immigrant Workers: Research Methods to Promote Public Health
   3057.0International Occupational Health and Safety Issues
   3058.0Communication and Disasters: Challenges and Needs Associated with Three Types of Disasters
   3059.0Childhood Obesity Prevention
   3060.0Improving Health through Engagement in Politics and Policy Change
   3061.0Bridging the Gaps in Health Disparities
   3062.0Issues in Sexual and Reproductive Health
   3063.0Methylmercury Risk: Practice, Research, and Policy Issues
   3064.0Public Health Nursing Workforce and Access
   3065.0Health Disparities
   3066.0Physical Activity: Current Trends and School Health: Joint SHES & FN Session
   3067.0Health Policies: The Uninsured and Healthcare Coverage and Access
   3068.0Applied Topics in Health Survey Methodology
   3069.0Issues and Challenges In Veterinary Public Health: Animal Worker Health, Human-Animal Bond, Surveillance and Preparedness
   3070.0Vision Care in Community Based Programs
   3071.0HPV and Cervical Cancer: Exploring New Opportunities and Sharing What is Known
   3072.0Maternal and Child Health Issues

10:30 AM-11:30 AM Mon
   3073.0Delta Omega: The Honorary Public Health Society Poster Session Part I
   3074.0Delta Omega: The Honorary Public Health Society Poster Session Part II
   3075.0Tobacco- Special Populations
   3076.0Tobacco -Special Populations II
   3077.0Alternative and Complementary Health Practices Poster 3
   3077.1Alternative and Complementary Health Practices Poster 4
   3078.0Committee on Affiliates Poster Session
   3079.0Committee on Affiliates Student Poster Session
   3080.0Committee on Affiliates Student Poster Session
   3081.0Selected and Indicated Community-based approaches to Family Violence Prevention
   3082.0Experiences in Access to Care, Medicine, and Insurance: Poster Session I
   3083.0Experiences in Access to Care, Medicine, and Insurance: Poster Session II
   3084.0Global Migration and Health Care among Immigrants and Refugees
   3085.0Other Issues of Importance to CHWs
   3086.0Medical Care Poster Session: Health Services Research
   3087.0Oral Health Poster Session I
   3088.0Oral Health Poster Session II
   3089.0Oral Health Poster Session III
   3090.0Oral Health Poster Session IV
   3090.1Public Health Nursing Poster Session VI

10:30 AM-12:00 PM Mon
   3091.0Pathways to Public Health
   3092.0Public Health Systems Research: Applications to Treatment for Substance Use Disorders
   3093.0Assessing Implementation of the FCTC: The FCA FCTC Monitor
   3094.0American Indians and Alaska Natives and Health Policy
   3096.0The Royal Society for Health Lecture: Effects of Education and Social Care Policies on Child and Adolescent Health in the UK
   3097.0Publishing Public Health Policy: A Snapshot
   3098.0WFPHA Panel: International Public Health Education: The Experience from MPH Programs in Developing Settings Worldwide (WEBCAST)
   3099.0Women and Medicaid: Now and In the Future
   3100.0Communicating Your Public Health News through the News Media
   3101.0How to Write a Successful APHA Learning Institute Proposal
   3102.0Health Disparities: Politics, Policy, and Public Health
   3103.0Public Health Issues: 1) Behavior Change; 2) Multimedia Enhanced Conflict Resolution
   3104.0NACCHO/Performance Improvement
   3104.1National Environmental Health Performance Standards
   3105.0Sexual Violence, Human Rights and Public Policy
   3106.0South Asian Public Health Association Symposium
   3107.0Policy and Advocacy: Partnerships for Better Healthcare and Wellness
   3108.0Expanding the Evidence Base: Status of Current Research
   3109.0Working with the Experts: Essential Partners and Avenues for Action
   3110.0Disaster and Emergency Medicine: Policy Considerations
   3111.0Strategies to Reduce Asthma Disparities
   3112.0Reducing Health Disparities: Improving Access to Care
   3113.0Public Health Policy and Advocacy
   3114.0Disability Surveillance
   3115.0Global Climate Change and the Public Health Community: Mobilizing for Precautionary Action
   3116.0Leadership in Action: Results from the National Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute
   3117.0Maternal Infant and Child Epidemiology
   3118.0Invited Session: Sleep from a Public Health Perspective: Epidemiology, Risk Factors, and Implications for Public Health Policy
   3119.0Chronic Disease Epidemiology Roundtable
   3120.0Infectious Disease Epidemiology
   3120.1 Case Studies in Public Health Ethics
   3121.0Nutrition in Schools (jointly-organized by the Food and Nutrition & School Health and Education Sections)
   3122.0Community-based Approaches to Address Disparities in Food and Activity Environments (jointly-organized by the Food and Nutrition & Environment Sections)
   3123.0Women's Issues and Aging: Aetna Award
   3124.0Health Promotion for Older Adults
   3125.0Hospital Cost and Environmental Impact on Healthcare
   3126.0Finding Your Place in Health Administration
   3127.0International Health Regulations: What Are They and What’s Required of the US Public Health Community?
   3128.0Eliminating Health Disparities Using Informatics and Information Technology Applications
   3129.0HIV and Reproductive Health Issues
   3130.0Partnering with CBOs: Program Evaluation and Lessons Learned
   3131.0Innovations in Injury Data and Methodology
   3132.0Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
   3133.0The End of Polio
   3134.0Investing in Health: Donors, Poverty, and Equity
   3135.0What's Up with Tobacco?
   3136.0Laboratory Scientific Session
   3137.0Sickle Cell Disease: Epidemiology and Burden
   3138.0Maternal Child Health - Data and Epidemiology
   3139.0 Maternal and Child Health Issues In The U.S. And Around The World: A Showcase of Student's Papers
   3140.0Sids Risk Factors and Safe Infant Sleep Practices Among Diverse Populations
   3141.0 WHO Growth Standards: Background and Rationale for Developing a New International Growth Standard for Infants and Young Children
   3142.0Performance Measurement in Communities: Bringing Health Care & Public Health Information Systems Together for Population Health Improvement
   3143.0Carl Taube Award Lecture
   3144.0OSHA Hexavalent Chromium Rulemaking: Perspectives from the Labor and the Scientific Community
   3145.0Ergonomic and Psychosocial Aspects of Occupational Health
   3146.0The Future of Occupational Health and Safety
   3147.0Bloodborne Pathogens - Moving from Description to Intervention
   3148.0Pregnancy Intendedness in the US
   3149.0Migration and Sexual Health/Risk
   3150.0A Strategic Framework for Improving Racial and Ethnic Minority Health and Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities
   3151.0PHEHP Materials Contest Winners
   3152.0Health Communication and Cancer
   3153.0Health Behavior Change Through the Use of Innovations in Technology
   3154.0Talking About Issues in Health Communication
   3155.0Physical Activity in Urban Environments
   3156.0Public Health Nursing Research
   3157.0Effectiveness of a Peer Group Intervention for Health Workers and Rural Adolescents and Adults in Malawi
   3158.0Improving the School Nutrition Environment: Joint SHES & FN Session
   3159.0Adolescent Sexuality Program Planning
   3160.0WE-ACTx in Rwanda: Lessons on HIV and Women's Empowerment
   3161.0Policing Reproduction: Lessons and Legacies of Eugenic Sterilization
   3162.0Invited Session: Person-Centered Approaches for Longitudinal Data Analysis in Public Health Studies
   3163.0Social, Cultural, Environmental and Political Contexts of Women's Health

10:30 AM-5:00 PM Mon
   312.0Joint Policy Committee Executive Session Business Meeting

11:00 AM-12:30 PM Mon
   312.1APHA Affiliate Capacity Building Initiative Grantee Meeting

12:30 PM-1:30 PM Mon
   3164.0Women's Health: Policy and The Body Politic
   3165.0Gender-based Discrimination and Violence Against Women
   3166.0International Human Rights Committee Student Posters I
   3167.0International Human Rights Committee Student Posters II
   3169.0Seeing, Experiencing, and Relaying Assets, Needs, and Program Evaluation
   3170.0Poster Session I: The Use of Technology to Improve Public Health
   3171.0Poster Session II: Physical Activity and Nutrition Issues
   3172.0Poster Session III: Select Nutrition Policy Issues
   3173.0Poster Session IV: Various Issues on Health and Nutrition
   3173.1Poster Session V: Nutrition in Schools (Jointly-organized with the Food and Nutrition & School Health Education and Services Sections)
   3174.0Statistical Analysis: Financing Health Care Cost
   3175.0Quality Improvement in Public Health Through Leadership and Collaboration
   3176.0Educating the Public Health Workforce
   3177.0Cultural Competency for Vulnerable Populations
   3177.1Injury Posters on Providers, Patients and Communities
   3178.0Posters on Suicide and Self Harm
   3179.0Posters and Sports and Recreation Injuries, Poisoning and Falls
   3180.0Posters on Innovative Injury Data Uses and Surveillance
   3181.0Infant and Child Health: Data for Decision-making
   3182.0Emerging Issues in Infant Health
   3182.1Policy and Program Integration: International
   3183.0Adolescent Programs in the US
   3184.0EC in the US
   3185.0Public Health Education and Health Promotion Student Abstract Contest Winners
   3186.0Cancer Prevention and Control Issues for Women

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Mon
   3187.0Academic Community & Practice Partnerships
   3188.0Substance Abuse and Mental Health Medication Prescribing Patterns: Past, Present, and Future Trends
   3189.0Getting to Know You: How Relationship Marketing Strategies Promote Tobacco Use
   3190.0Design and Impact of a Randomized Trial to Reduce High-Risk Drinking by College Students
   3191.0Traditional Healing and Cultural Competence
   3192.0Maternal Child Health
   3193.0APHA President-elect Session: Mitigating the Impact of Disasters and Violence: Public Health Opportunities and Challenges
   3194.0International challenges for Public Health, Policy and Politics
   3194.2Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: Policy, Program, and Personal Recommendations for Reducing Cancer Risk
   3195.0Using Customer-Centered Marketing to Grow Your Organization
   3196.0Undergraduate Public Health Education
   3197.0Innovative Strategies that Address Family Violence Prevention
   3198.0APHA International Health Film Festival: Session I: Gender Violence, Illiteracy, and Lack of Education
   3199.0Advocacy Law
   3200.0National Public Health Performance Standards Program - WEBCAST
   3200.1CDC Automated Disaster and Emergency Planning Tool (ADEPT)
   3201.0APHA-Student Assembly Orientation & Annual Review: Where Have We Been?
   3202.0Politics, Policy and Public Health in AAPI Communities
   3203.0Public Health Discriminations: A Civil Right's Issue?
   3204.0Health Disparities among Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities in the US
   3205.0Improving Health Care through Integrative Approaches
   3206.0Community Healthcare Delivery: Cultural Competence and Health Literacy
   3207.0Medicaid Reform and Disease Management in Florida
   3208.0Public Health Infrastructure and Workforce Issues
   3209.0Civil Rights and Health Care
   3210.0Documenting Outcomes and CHW Program Evaluation
   3211.0Disability Health and Environmental Measurement
   3212.0Environment Section Homer Calver Award Luncheon and Lecture by Peggy Shepard
   3213.0Asthma Epidemiology
   3214.0Violence Epidemiology
   3215.0Invited Session: The Young Epidemiology Scholars (YES) Competition: Inspiring the Next Generation of Public Health Professionals
   3216.0Social Epidemiology: Social Factors and Health
   3217.0Outbreak Investigations
   3218.0 Research Ethics
   3219.0Community-based Approaches to Address Disparities in Food and Activity Environments (jointly-organized by the Food and Nutrition & Environment Sections) part 2
   3220.0Gerontological Health Section Award Winning Papers
   3221.0Health Care Management - Lessons in leadership
   3223.0Current HIV Risk Behaviors and Issues among College Students
   3224.0Injection Drug Use: Issues Surrounding Needle and Syringe Distribution
   3225.0Maternal Mortality: The Shame of the World
   3226.0Measuring the Effectiveness of Our Work
   3227.0A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Community-Based Primary Health Care in Improving Child Health
   3228.0Vertical Programming: Impact on National Health Programs
   3229.0Latinos and Community-based Public Health
   3230.0Mental Health in LGBT Communities
   3231.0Quality Improvement at the National & State Levels
   3232.0How Should We Rein in Health Care Costs, and When Can We Start?
   3233.0Ethnic & Racial Disparities Among Patients With Chronic Disease
   3234.0Women's Health & Gender-Based Research & Policy
   3235.0Bruno Lima Symposium on Mental Health Issues among Minority Populations
   3236.0Child and Adolescent Mental Health
   3237.0Mentoring and Public Mental Health
   3238.0Research on Hazards in Construction
   3239.0Occupational Health Disparities Institute: New Approaches and Methods
   3240.0Evaluating Occupational Safety Regulations - What works?
   3240.1Labor College and OHIP Research
   3241.0Oral Health Literacy: The Dental Profession's Response
   3242.0War and Public Health
   3243.0Advances in Quality of Care: International
   3244.0Partnerships in Global Health
   3245.0HPV Vaccine and Cervical Cancer Policy Opportunities and Implications: Moving Beyond School Mandates
   3246.0Working Together to Improve Health
   3247.0Tackling Global Warming: Health Education Steps Up to the Plate
   3248.0Television and its Messages
   3249.0Nutrition and Health Education: Approaches to Promoting a Healthy Diet
   3250.0Maternal-Child Health and Wellness
   3251.0Global Health II
   3252.0Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
   3253.0Public Health Nursing Research II
   3254.0Adolescent Reproductive Health and Safer Sex
   3255.0Implementing the IOM Report on Nutrition Standards for Foods at Schools: Joint SHES & FN Session
   3256.0Public Health and Social Work Policies -- Aimed at Social, Behavioral, and Structural Determinants of Health
   3257.0Pandemic Flu and Katrina's Lessons Lost: A Technical, Political, and Historical Critique of the CDC Preparedness Plans
   3258.0Innovation in Biostatistical Methods and Applications
   3259.0Vision Issues Concerning Children Including Prevalence, Screening, Identification, Impact on Academic Performance
   3260.0Breast Cancer: From Awareness to Early Detection to Survivorship

2:30 PM-3:30 PM Mon
   3261.0Academic Public Health Caucus Poster Session I
   3262.0Innovative Approaches to Student Training and Education
   3263.0Occupational Health and Other Environmental Risk Factors
   3264.0Environment Section Poster Session I -- Student Posters
   3265.0Environment Section Poster Session II -- Student Posters
   3266.0Environment Section Poster Session III
   3267.0Ethics Forum Poster Session
   3268.0Prevention and Older Adults
   3269.0Topics in Aging and Public Health
   3270.0Race, Ethnicity, and Aging
   3271.0Social Support and Caregiving
   3272.0International Health and Aging
   3273.0HIV Research and Practice: An International Focus
   3274.0HIV Risk Behaviors among Men: Sexuality, Culture, and Context
   3275.0HIV Testing: Informed Consent, Context, Culture, and Individual Experiences
   3276.0HIV/AIDS Prevalence, Risk Behaviors, Antiretroviral Therapy Issues, and Treatment/Prevention Options in East and Southern Africa
   3277.0Issues Related to Medical Management and Medication Adherence of HIV/AIDS among Underserved Populations
   3277.1Contemporary Policy and Intervention Issues in HIV/AIDS
   3277.2Critical HIV Care and Prevention Issues
   3278.0Poster Session: Special Topics
   3279.0Adolescent Programs in the US (3)
   3280.0Issues in US FP/RH
   3281.0Issues in Contraceptive Technology
   3282.0Issues in International FP/RH
   3283.0Adolescent Programs in the US (2)
   3284.0Posters: Health and Physical Activity
   3285.0Posters: Health and Obesity
   3286.0Poster Session – Public Health Social Work Policy and Research

2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
   3287.0Recommendations of the Consensus Conference on Undergraduate Public Health Education
   3288.0Building an Exchange between Politics and Science: Moving from Barriers to Synergy in Using Data to Enhance Substance Abuse Prevention
   3289.0The Politics of Tobacco Control
   3290.0Women and Minority Populations Use of Alternative and Complementary Health Practices
   3291.0APHA President Session: Emerging Issues for Public Health Research, Policy and Practice: Genomics, Informatics and Disability
   3292.0Making Policy Happen at Home: Affiliate Advocacy Activities Make the Difference at the Local, State and Federal Level
   3293.0Political Leadership, Health Policies and Health Disparities in Developed and Developing Nations
   3293.1Conference on Emeritus Members Scientific Session: The Changing Face of Public Health
   3294.0Evolving Family Violence Prevention Policy, Locally and Nationally
   3295.0APHA International Health Film Festival: Session II: Immigration and Brain-Drain
   3296.0Mobilizing a Campaign Around a Public Health Issue
   3297.0Centers of Excellence on Health Communication Roundtable
   3298.0National Public Health Performance Standards II : Version 2
   3299.0The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Improve the Health and Wellness of Persons with Disabilities: A Role for Health Informatics – Personal and Electronic Health Records [TOWN HALL MEETING]
   3300.0The ABC's of Rights Based Approaches
   3301.0The Science of Race and Human Variation
   3302.0Aging Population Health Issues
   3303.0Trade Policy Analysis and Health
   3304.0Addressing the Health Needs of AAPI Populations
   3305.0Politics of Vulnerable Populations: Women, Children, and the Poor
   3306.0Public Health, Policy and Politics: A Faith Perspective
   3307.0Talking with Journal Editors: Lessons and Tips for Getting your Work Published
   3308.0Wellness in Education and Practice
   3310.0Reducing Disparities: Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
   3311.0Gulf Coast Recovery: Spanning Research and Practice
   3312.0Reducing Disparities: Issues in Rural Healthcare
   3313.0Disability and Policy 1
   3314.0Health Impact Assessment and U.S. Environmental Policy: Novel Strategies for Addressing Public Health Within the U.S. Environmental Regulatory System
   3315.0Twenty Years After Toxic Wastes and Race: Its Legacy for Environmental Health
   3316.0Chronic Disease Epidemiology
   3317.0Obesity: Prevalence and Risk Factors (Jointly-organized by the Epidemiology & Food and Nutrition Sections)
   3318.0Sexually Transmitted Disease Epidemiology
   3319.0Invited Session: How Congressional Staffers Translate Research for Policy Makers
   3320.0 Physical Activity in Understudied Populations
   3320.1Approaches to Improve Nutrition in School Settings (Jointly-organized by the Food and Nutrition, Epidemiology, & School Health Education and Services Sections)
   3321.0Minority Health and Aging
   3322.0National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
   3323.0Katrina: The Lessons Continue II
   3324.0Health Disparities: The Effects of Cultural Diversity and Cultural Competency on Access to Care
   3325.0Improving Health Disparity thru Cultural Competency
   3326.0Individual Mandates to Buy Health Insurance: The Emperor Has No Clothes
   3326.1Achieving Service Improvement Through Public Health Informatics
   3327.0Research Rights and Policies
   3328.0Health Behaviors, Protective Factors, and HIV Intervention Programs
   3329.0HIV Research and Practice: A Focus on the Prison/Corrections Context
   3330.0Annual Exploration of Injury Data Issues
   3331.0Innovation and Progress in Donor Funding for International Health
   3332.0The Politics between Industry and Public Policy: The Good and the Bad of How Industry Impacts Public Health
   3333.0Nutrition and Food Security: Essential Links for Public Health
   3334.0Helping Couples Meet Their Needs for Limiting Family Size
   3335.0Strengthening Public Health Systems: the Role of NGOs and International Institutions
   3336.0Dude, Where is My Retirement?
   3337.0Promotoras and Health Advisors in the Latino Community
   3338.0Unequal Opportunity: Health Disparities Affecting Gay and Bisexual Men in the United States
   3339.0International Perspectives on Policies for Women and Children
   3340.0Pregnancy Prevention and Parenting Programs that Meet Teens on Their Turf
   3341.0Longitudinal parenting - challenges and opportunities
   3342.0Disparities In Pregnancy Outcomes: The Role of Politics and Public Policy
   3343.0Friendly Access: State Based Symposium on Maternal Child Health
   3344.0Understanding HCAHPS: The New, National, Standardized Survey of Hospital Patients' Perspectives of Care
   3345.0Ethnic & Racial Disparities: Communication, Pediatrics, & Prenatal Care
   3346.0Quality Improvement & Hospital Performance
   3347.0Drug Safety & Public Health: Legislative Changes to Reform the FDA
   3348.0Rema Lapouse Award for Lifetime Contributions
   3349.0Recognizing and Controlling Hazards to Young Workers
   3350.0Occupational Health Disparities Institute: Focus on Hispanic Workers
   3350.1Workers Free Choice to Form Unions –Myth or Reality
   3351.0Healthy People 2010-2020: Oral Health
   3352.0Biotechnology, Women's Health and Reproductive Rights: Policy Domestically and Internationally
   3353.0Policy and Advocacy for RH: International
   3354.0Health Issues in Vulnerable Populations
   3355.0Expanding the Public Health Toolkit with Health Marketing
   3356.0Lessons Learned: Health Education and Health Promotion in the School-Aged Population
   3357.0Working to Achieve Health Literacy
   3358.0Mentoring and Political Action
   3359.0Public Health Nursing Education
   3360.0Social Justice and Public Health Nursing
   3361.0Results of the CDC School Health Policies and Programs Study (SHPPS 2006)
   3362.0Beyond Disparities
   3363.0Introducing the US RWJF Commission to Build a Healthier America: Evidence, Politics, and Action
   3364.0Applications of Statistical Methods to GIS-Based Analyses of Public Health Problems
   3364.1Novel Applications of Health Survey Methodology
   3365.0 Emerging Infections: perspectives on zoonotic diseases in the near past and on the horizon
   3366.0Vietnam and Iraq; Dioxin Health Effects; and The Agent Orange Litigation
   3367.0Patient Navigation Research Program: Models to Improve Cancer Care for Women

4:00 PM-5:30 PM Mon
   317.0The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health Tea

4:30 PM-5:30 PM Mon
   2040.1Alternative and Complementary Health Practices Poster 1
   3368.0College Drinking Issues
   3369.0Alcohol Issues from Around the Globe
   3370.0Alcohol Policy Strategies and Trends
   3371.0Implications of Alcohol Use and Dependence: Trends, Interventions, and Treatment
   3372.0Youth and Student Alcohol Use: Patterns, Trends, and Prevention Strategies
   3373.0ATOD Posters
   3374.0ATOD Posters
   3375.0ATOD Posters
   3376.0APHA-Student Assembly: Current Topics in Student Research Poster Session
   3377.0Child, Adolescent, and Maternal Health Concerns
   3378.0Cancer Risk Factors, Prevention and Treatment in AAPI Communities
   3379.0Emerging Issues in AAPI Health Care
   3380.0Diverse Issues in Public Health: Poster Session
   3381.0Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Medicine: Poster Session
   3382.0HIIT Posters
   3382.1HIIT Posters
   3382.2HIIT Posters
   3383.0Community-based Initiatives
   3384.0Reproductive Health and Work Environment Issues for Latinos
   3385.0Mental Health Poster Session I
   3386.0Mental Health Poster Session II
   3387.0Mental Health Poster Session III
   3388.0Posters: Health Communication
   3389.0Posters: Minority Health Issues
   3390.0Public Health Nursing Poster Session II
   3391.0Posters: Current Topics in College Health
   3392.0School Health Posters: Modern Day Challenges

4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
   319.0Conference on Emeritus Members Social Hour
   320.0PFPRH Community Meeting and Awards Ceremony
   3393.0Generating Science to Drive Comprehensive Tobacco Regulatory Policy: Creating the Research Blueprint
   3394.0Controlling Methamphetamine Precursors: From Policy to Practice
   3395.0Event-Specific Prevention: Addressing College Student Drinking during Known Windows of Risk
   3396.0Chronic Diseases and Cancer Alternative and Complementary Health Practices
   3397.0MPHI Session: The APHA History Update Project
   3398.0APHA International Health Film Festival: Session III: AIDS Crisis in Africa
   3399.0Mental Health and Public Health
   3400.0Examples of Endeavors that Focus on Enhancing Partnership Capacity and Power
   3401.0Reducing Disparities: Focus on Obesity
   3402.0Regional Coordinating Center for Hurricane Response - Linking Lessons Learned to Policy and Practice Options
   3403.0Reducing Disparities: Health Insurance Coverage for Kids
   3404.0Disability and Policy 2
   3405.0New Support for Community-Based Environmental Health Initiatives through Improved Collaboration among Federal Agencies, States, and Health Organizations
   3406.0Built Environment I: Health in the Greenhouse: Global Climate Change and the Built Environment
   3407.0The Use of Biomarkers to Assess Environmental Health Risk
   3407.1Epidemiology Section Awards Ceremony
   3409.0Environmental and Policy Approaches to Promoting Physical Activity
   3410.0Gerontological Health Section Awards Ceremony
   3411.0Leadership Models and Healthcare Prioritization
   3412.0Workforce Education Models
   3413.0Public Hospitals: Past, Present and Future
   3413.1Improving Consumer Health with EHR/PHR Systems and Policies
   3414.0Law and Policy Collaboratives for Public Health
   3415.0Community Partnerships: Lessons Learned
   3416.0HIV Medical Care and Outreach: Context and Culture
   3417.0From Backyards to Board Rooms: Experience from Avian Influenza Behavior Change Communication Programs in Asia, Africa and Beyond
   3418.0Translating Experience and Operations Research into Policy Change
   3419.0International Public Health and the Labor Movement: Labor's Response to Global Health Issues, Trade Initiatives, Globalization and Workers' Health
   3420.0Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Health
   3421.0Politics and Policy: Childbirth at the Crossroads
   3422.0Infant Feeding and Health: First Results from the Infant Feeding Practices Study II
   3423.0Update on Health Services Research: Introducing the new CMS Chronic Condition Data Warehouse
   3424.0Occupational Health Disparities Institute: Farmworker Health
   3425.0How Can We Make Oral Health a Much Higher National Priority: Power, Policies and Politics!!
   3426.0Terrorism and Public Health
   3427.0Health and Risk Communication
   3428.0Health Promotion in Populations Outside the United States
   3429.0The Role of Parents in Raising Healthy Children
   3430.0Global Health
   3431.0Vulnerable Populations
   3432.0The Spirit of 1848 presents: “Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?”-- integrating politics, passion, and public health
   3433.0Invited Session: The National Health Interview Survey: 50 Years of Progress
   3434.0US-Vietnamese Agent Orange Collaboration, Fate of Ranch Hand Health Study, and Review of US-Vietnamese Agent Orange Research from 1968-2007
   3435.0Violence Against Women: An Examination of Causes and Effects

6:00 PM-8:00 PM Mon
   321.0Community Health Planning and Policy Development - Social Hour

6:00 PM-8:30 PM Mon
   373.0International Health Section Awards Reception

6:30 PM-7:30 PM Mon
   322.1APHA-SA Section Liaison Business Meeting
   323.0ICEHS Social Hour

6:30 PM-8:00 PM Mon
   325.0ATOD Social Hour and Networking Reception
   326.0American Indian Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Caucus Social
   327.0APHA-Family Violence Prevention Forum Business Meeting
   328.0Genomics Forum Business Meeting
   329.0NPHPS Reception (Invitation Only)
   330.1Chiropractic Health Care - Business Meeting II
   330.2Community Health Worker SPIG Social Hour
   332.0Environment Section Social Hour
   333.0Physical Activity Special Interest Group Meeting
   335.0HIIT Awards Ceremony
   336.0Health Law Forum Business Meeting
   339.0MCH Child Care Committee Meeting
   340.0MCH Sids and Infant Mortality Committee Meeting
   341.0MCH Violence Prevention Committee Meeting
   342.0MCH Innovations in Maternity Services Committee Meeting
   343.0Medical Care Journal Editorial Board Meeting
   344.0Medical Care Section Committee Open Forum
   345.0Oral Health Section Awards Ceremony
   346.0PFPRH Community Reception
   347.0PHEHP and SHES Joint Social
   350.02007 APHA Social Work Section's Insley Evans Public Health Social Worker of the Year Award
   351.0All-Caucus Social Hour (organized with the Health Equity and Public Hospital Caucus)
   3436.0APHA International Health Film Festival: Session IV: Trade and Patenting

6:30 PM-8:30 PM Mon
   369.0Vision Care Business Meeting 3
   3437.0March of Dimes Agnes Higgins Award Lecture and Reception

6:30 PM-9:00 PM Mon
   370.0Business Meeting for Alternative and Complementary Health Practices
   371.0Disability SPIG Business Meeting and Social Hour

6:30 PM-9:30 PM Mon
   372.0Gerontological Health Section Reception

7:30 PM-9:00 PM Mon
   374.0Social Hour

8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
   375.0Black Caucus of Health Workers: Annual Business Meeting
   376.0Medical Care Program Planning Meeting
   3438.0Tobacco Cessation
   3439.0Anti-Tobacco Youth Advocacy and Empowerment
   3440.0APHA International Health Film Festival: Session V: Reproductive Health
   3442.0Prevention for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS
   3443.0Establishing Equitable Access to Healthcare for 1.3 Billion People: Challenges and Strategies of Health Sector Reforms in China
   3444.0HIV/AIDS: Infection Prevention and Quality Assurance Strategies in Southern Africa
   3445.0The Impact of Good Policy on Child Health
   3446.0Global Experiences with the Non-pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment: A New First Aid Device for Saving Mothers' Lives from Obstetric Hemorrhage
   3448.0Mobilizing the Community for Health Improvement

Audio or Multimedia recording or  Slides (pdf) or Handout or  Handout (free access) available

The 135th APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition (November 3-7, 2007) of APHA