4023.0 Environmental Epidemiology

Tuesday, November 6, 2007: 8:30 AM
This session will focus an environmental epidemiology, including air pollution, water chemistry and pesticides. The cardio-respiratory effects of air pollution, the relationship between air pollution and asthma, the need for swimming pool operator training and the effects of pesticide exposure to women and adolescents will be discussed.
Session Objectives: At the conclusion of the session, the participant (learner) in this session will be able to: 1) Quantify the effects of ambient SO2 and NO2 on cardiac and respiratory emergency department patient load.; 2) Understand the relationship between traffic air pollution and childhood asthma; 3) Demonstrate how swimming pool operator training might improve public swimming pool water quality and safety; 4) Describe the association between lifetime body burden of organochlorine chemicals as measured in blood serum concentrations and mammographic density and adverse reproductive health outcomes found in this population of women; and 5) Identify exposure-incident variables associated with adolescent pesticide exposures.
John Vena, PhD

8:35 AM
Acute cardio-respiratory effects of SO2 and NO2 exposure in southern Israel
Michael Gdalevich, MD, MPH, David Broday, PhD, Ravit Bassal, MPH, Haim Bibi, MD, Shimon Scharf, MD, MPH and Michael Huerta, MD, MPH
8:50 AM
Traffic air pollution associated with childhood asthma in Taipei, Taiwan
Yi-Ling Huang, Nai-Tzu Chen, Yu-Ning Tuan Mu, Quei-wen Cheng, Yee-Chung Ma, Jia-Ming Lin, Mei-Lien Chen, Ching-Wen Chang, Chun-Yu Chuang and F.C. Sung
9:05 AM
Association between swimming pool operator certification and pool chemistries — Nebraska, 2005–2006
Bryan F. Buss, DVM, MPH, Thomas J. Safranek, MD, Julie Magri, MD, MPH, Thomas J. Török, MD, MPH, Michael J. Beach, PhD and Brett P. Foley, MS
9:20 AM
Triana, Alabama cohort: A study of women highly exposed to organochlorine compounds
Jennifer A. Rusiecki, PhD, Julia Gray, MPH, Jane Cash, PhD, C. Fay Raines, PhD, Rahulkumar Patel, MS, Matthew R. Bonner, Shelia Zahm, ScD, Louise Brinton, PhD, Thomas J. Mason, PhD, Larry L. Needham, PhD, Wayman Turner, MS, Robert Hoover, PhD and Aaron Blair, PhD
9:35 AM
Adolescent pesticide exposures
Phyllis A. Bryden, DrPH, MSPH, CPH, RN, Robert H. McKnight, MPH, ScD and Susan H. Pollack, MD

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CE Credits: CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing

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