4030.0 Healthcare Practices and Utilization among Older Adults

Tuesday, November 6, 2007: 8:30 AM

8:30 AM
Trends in colorectal cancer screening among Maryland residents age 65 and older, 2002 2006
Carolyn F. Poppell, MS, Fatma Shebl, MD, MS, MHS, Diane M. Dwyer, MD, Annette Hopkins, RN MS, Carmela Groves, RN MS, Min Zhan, PhD and Eileen K. Steinberger, MD MS
8:45 AM
Previous cancer screening behavior as predictor of colon cancer screening among women aged 50 and over
Rafael Guerrero-Preston, Dr PH, MPH, Christina Chan, MPH, David Vlahov, PhD, Maria K. Mitchell, PhD, Stephen B. Johnson, MD and Harold Freeman, MD
9:15 AM
Underdiagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the nursing home
Jeffrey Cohen, MD, Sheikh Jasimuddin, MD, Barbara C. Tommasulo, MD, CMD, LNHA, Yosef Dlugacz, PhD, Charles Cal, RN, MS, MBA, Roshan Hussain, MPH, Edan Shapiro, Avi Singavaparu, Joshua Vernatter and Gisele Wolf-Klein, MD
9:30 AM
Who utilizes post-cardiac event rehabilitative services: Comparative statistics from Medicare's Lifestyle Modification Program Demonstration (LMPD)
Sarita Bhalotra, MD, PhD, Gail K. Strickler, MS, PhD, Donald S. Shepard, PhD, Syed Moaven Razavi and Rana Sugghayar, MS

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