3024.0 Strategies to Build Community Capacity to Engage in the Environmental Health Research Process

Monday, November 5, 2007: 8:30 AM
Since 1993 the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has supported projects that create mechanisms to bridge crucial communication gaps between researchers and communities affected by environmental exposures so that communities can have a demonstrable role in identifying and defining the problems and risks related to environmental health and in shaping future research approaches to such problems. Through several grant programs, including the Environmental Justice, Community-based Participatory Research and Centers for Children’s Environmental Health, projects have established innovative methods for linking community members, who are directly affected by adverse environmental conditions, with researchers and health care providers. Projects have shown that to bridge this gap effectively, capacity building is essential. In this session four presenters will describe their strategies for building capacity of community members so that they are able to engage in the environmental health research process.
Session Objectives: 1. Consider different methods to build trusting partnerships between university and community groups. 2. Identify innovative approaches to build community capacity so that residents can be more engaged in the research process. 3. Reflect on strategies that enable and advance community leadership in environmental public health. 4. Articulate the outcomes capacity building has had for communities facing environmental health concerns.

8:50 AM
Building a neighborhood environmental college in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mary E. Rogge, PhD, F. Haire, J. Bruce, D. Perkins, L. McKay, P. Tithof, H. Pinkerton, G. Spring and S. Harness
9:30 AM
Building community capacity in environmental health: The Community Action Against Asthma example
Edith Parker, DrPH, Wilma Brakefield-Caldwell, BSN, Lynna Chung, MPH, J. Timothy Dvonch, PhD, Katherine Edgren, MSW, Sonya Grant-Pierson, MSW, Yolanda Hill-Ashford, MSW, Barbara A. Israel, DrPH, Toby Lewis, MD, Paul Max, BS, Angela Reyes, MPH, Zachary Rowe, Thomas Robins, Maria Salinas and Donele Wilkins

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CE Credits: CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing

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