4142.0 Methodological Considerations for Recruitment, Data Collection, and Assessment in HIV Research

Tuesday, November 6, 2007: 12:30 PM
The formation of many intervention/prevention programs is based upon self-report data. Thus, it is critical that information obtained in this fashion be as accurate as possible. In this session, participants will learn about issues relating to recruitment, data collection, and assessment in HIV research. The focus of the first presentation will be the development and psychometric evaluation of a scale assessing participation for use among adolescents. In the second presentation, scale development for the construct of sexual compulsivity will be described; including its reliability and validity. The focus of the third presentation will be how valid self-report data is that is obtained from African American female adolescents. Both presentations four and five address respondent-driven sampling; describing the methodological issues associated with this approach.
Session Objectives: 1. Recognize the value and methodological issues associated with respondent driven sampling. 2. Articulate measurement issues regarding self-report behaviors versus biological measures. 3. Discuss the reliability and validity of scales assessing quality of study participation and sexual compulsivity and the implications for program development.

12:30 PM
HIV prevention and participatory program strategies for youth: Are voice, choice, decision-making, and opportunities for personal development linked to risk reduction practices?
Jennifer Sarah Tiffany, PhD, Thomas Tallon, Maricela Brea, John J. Eckenrode, PhD, Ellen Kate Friedrichs, Candia Richards-Clarke, Danny Stewart, MA, MSW and Rachael M. Peters
12:45 PM
Measuring sexual compulsivity among young adults
Kimberly McBride, PhD, MA and Michael Reece, PhD, MPH
1:00 PM
Validity of self-report: Data from a sexual risk-reduction trial with African-American female adolescents
Eve Rose, MSPH, Teaniese P. Latham, MPH, Ralph DiClemente, PhD, Gina Wingood, MPH ScD and Jessica Sales, PhD
1:15 PM
Methodological issues in a dual-core HIV-risk sample (drug users, MSM) recruited through respondent driven sampling
Martin Y. Iguchi, PhD, Sandra Berry, MA, Allison Ober, MSW, Richard Jenkins, PhD, Richard Rothenberg, MD and Douglas Heckathorn, PhD
1:30 PM
An assessment of respondent-driven sampling to recruit illicit drug users, men who have sex with men, and sex partners of both groups
Wade Ivy, MS, Mary Ellen Mackesy-Amiti, PhD, Douglas Heckathorn, PhD and Lawrence J. Ouellet, PhD

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