3129.0 HIV and Reproductive Health Issues

Monday, November 5, 2007: 10:30 AM
Reproductive health issues may be complicated by the HIV status of the pregnant woman and warrant study. The focus of this round table session is HIV and reproductive health. In particular, table one will discuss the variables that impact pregnancy and contraception decision making among adolescent females, who are either HIV+ or HIV-. In order to decrease the likelihood that a child will be born with HIV from an HIV+ pregnant mother, HIV testing is crucial. Thus, studies are need that ensure that hospitals in the U.S. are providing rapid HIV testing in labor and delivery. The second round table examines this issues and discusses findings obtained from a series of planning workshops that were conducted to increase the number of hospitals providing comprehensive care/policies regarding rapid HIV testing in labor and delivery. In a related vein, round table 3 addresses the prevention of perinatal transmission by investigating the reproductive care needs and intentions among men and women obtaining ARV treatment in South African. HIV testing of pregnant women also is an issue in Vietnam; especially because few pregnant women are getting screened. Thus, round table 4 reports on what percent are currently being tested for HIV and what factors are associated with HIV counseling and testing among pregnant women residing in Vietnam. A similar focus is present for round table five. That is, the researchers discuss variables associated with HIV testing. However, the focus is on women residing in Western Europe.
Session Objectives: 1. Articulate the factors associated with contraceptive behavior among adolescent and adult females. 2. Identify the barriers and facilitators associated with HIV testing and counseling among pregnant women in diverse care settings. 3. Discuss the policy and political implications relating to HIV testing and counseling among women.

Table 2
A strategic planning approach to influencing hospital pactice regarding rapid HIV testing in labor and delivery
Rhondette Jones, MPH, Carolyn K. Burr, EdD,RN, Margaret A. Lampe, MPH, Elaine Gross, RN, MS and Jill Clark, MPH
Table 3
Addressing HIV positive women and men's reproductive health policy and health care needs
Diane Cooper, Landon Myer, Jennifer R. Moodley, Virginia E. Zweigenthal and Linda-Gail Bekker
Table 4
Table 5
Social and behavioural determinants of HIV screening during pregnancy
Edna Quintas, MD, Sofia Correia, PharmD and Henrique Barros, MD, PhD

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