5117.0 Innovations in Public Health Systems Design

Wednesday, November 7, 2007: 12:30 PM
The session will include discussion on the leadership and organizational opportunities and challenges in creating a new center-based model department of public health. Further discussions will focus on typology of public health systems. Additionally, the session will include discussion on the Psychologically-Informed Public Health (PIPH) essentials as a paradigm for public health practice and community service, i.e., maternalistic public heath; paternalistic public health; know when to walk behind, walk beside, and walk ahead; unbridled and respectful curiosity; the 4 Rís of public health risk management; and grassroots leadership. How will one use these concepts?
Session Objectives: Participants should be able to: Describe the organizing principles and ramifications supporting the development of a center-based model for a new department. Identify relative strengths and weaknesses of alternative approaches to delivering public health services and the political, economic, and institutional contexts in which these approaches function best. Define and contrast the terms maternalistic public heath and paternalistic public health, providing multiple examples of each.
Mark J. Bittle, DrPH, MBA, CHE

1:20 PM
Developing a typology of public health systems and dynamics: A qualitative analysis
F. Douglas Scutchfield, MD, Nikki Lawhorn, MPP, Ashley McCarty, Michelyn W. Bhandari, DrPH, MPH,CPH and Richard Ingram, MEd

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