Tooru Nemoto, PhD

Public Health Institute
180 Grand Ave., Suite 750
Oakland CAUSA

Biographical Sketch:
Dr. Nemoto is currently the Research Program Director, Public Health Institute in Oakland, CA. For more than 20 years, he has been conducting community-based substance abuse and HIV prevention studies for stigmatized and neglected populations, such as API MSM, Asian drug users, Asian female sex workers, and transgender people. He has been a Co-Chair for NIDA AAPI Workgroup since its inception in 1999. He has co-authored a number of research papers, monographs, and presentations. Currently, Dr. Nemoto's study team is conducting 6 HIV prevention studies targeting 1) API MSM in the San Francisco Bay area, 2) transgender women and her male partners, 3) transgender women in San Francisco and Alameda counties, 4) transgender women of color in San Francisco and Alameda counties, 5) transgender and female sex workers in Bangkok, and 6) female sex workers in Cambodia.