Carol Dabbs, MPH

Department of State
Office of the Director for U.S. Foreign Assistance
Global-Functional Office, 5688 HST
Washington DCUSA

Biographical Sketch:
Carol Dabbs completed a Masters in Public Health from the University of North Carolina, and continues to work on international health issues for the U. S. Agency for International Development. She is currently the Senior Coordinator for Investing in People (health, education, and welfare) in the Office of the Director of U. S. Foreign Assistance at the State Department. This follows stints as the Division Chief for Strategic Planning and Budgeting and the Division Chief for Maternal and Child Health in the Global Health Bureau. She spent 16 years in the Bureau for Latin America and Caribbean, where she was the project leader for the U.S. contribution to the eradication of polio in the Americas, and coordinator of U.S. response to the 1991 cholera epidemic. Ms Dabbs began her professional career working for a USAID contractor on family planning programs.