4149.0 Social Justice & Public Health: Student Posters

Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 12:30 PM
The Spirit of 1848 Caucus is soliciting abstracts from students of public health and health-related programs that highlight the intersection between social justice and public health from a historical, epidemiological, and/or methodological perspective. We welcome abstracts on topics ranging from public health research to public health practice to student-initiated courses on connections between social justice & public health. The work presented can be global, country-specific, or local. We encourage students at ALL levels of training in their work on public health to submit abstracts, whether undergraduates, master students, MPH students, or doctoral students; submissions will be judged in accordance to expectations appropriate for each level of training. Postdoctoral fellows are NOT eligible to submit posters. Abstracts should focus on furthering understanding and action to address the ways that social inequality harms, and social equity improves, the public’s health. Examples of social inequality include inequitable social divisions within societies based on social class, race/ethnicity, and gender, as well as inequitable relations between nations and geographical regions. Given the theme of the conference, we especially welcome abstracts on the topic of public health and borders, whether referring to geopolitical boundaries or social divisions that harm health. For this session we are issuing an open call for abstracts: all posters for this session will be selected submitted abstracts. This session will be held at the American Public Health Association 136th Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA on Tuesday, October 28, in the 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm APHA time slot.
Session Objectives: Participants will learn about the new research being done by students concerned with links between social justice and public health.

Board 1
Invisible Places, Invisible People: Facing health disparities in urban North Carolina
Kevin Wu, MPH, Jessica Kadis, MPH Candidate, Chloe Katz, MPH Candidate, Kathleen MacGuire, MPH Candidate and Amma Agyemang, MPH
Board 2
Other side of the tracks: Understanding the historical, social and environmental context of health in an African American community in eastern North Carolina
Sharrelle Barber, MPH Candidate, Janice Tzeng, MPH Candidate, Allison George, MPH and Jana Thompson, MPH Candidate
Board 4
Goods Movement 101: A training model for community engagement and education
Jennifer Lucky, MPH, Angelo Logan, Andrea M. Hricko, MPH, Isella Ramirez, Carla Truax and Alena J. Groopman, MHS
Board 5

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