2052.2 Chronic Disease Epidemiology Poster Session II

Sunday, October 26, 2008: 4:30 PM

Board 1
Obesity and childhood asthma: Is there a relationship?
Winston C. Liao, MPH and Robert L. Woldman, MA
Board 2
Contributions to cognitive decline among older Latinos in Los Angeles, California
Kyoko Rice, Rohit Varma, MD, MPH, Freddi Segal-Gidan, PA, PhD, Xavier Salazar, PhD and Wendy Mack, PhD
Board 3
Board 4
Vitamin A and Age-related Hearing Loss among Older Japanese
Takehiro Michikawa, MD, Nishiwaki Yuji, Kikuchi Yuriko, Hosoda Kanae, Ishigami Ai, Iwasawa Satoko, Nakano Makiko, Mizutari Kunio, Saito Hideyuki and Takebayashi Toru
Board 5
Association between increased body mass index and self-reported asthma in the Puerto Rican population
Orquídea Frías-Belén, MS, Cynthia Pérez-Cardona, PhD and Gilberto Ramos-Valencia, DrPH
Board 6
Physical measures and biomarkers in the Health and Retirement Study
Mary Beth Ofstedal, PhD, David Weir, PhD and Heidi Guyer, MPH
Board 7
Asthma mortality varies substantially in Asian and Hispanic race/ethnic subgroups in California
Sarah T. Tran, MPH, Meredith J. Milet, MPH, Bindi Gandhi, MA, Richard Kreutzer, MD and Liza Lutzker, MPH

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