4023.0 Violence Epidemiology

Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 8:30 AM
This interesting session will focus on the epidemiology of violence. Presentations will include a discussion of the impact of environmental factors on occupational violence in schools, the effects of neighborhood disadvantage on the age-crime curve, characteristics of perpetrators in homicide-followed-by-suicide incidents, and continuation of partner violence victimization after witnessing violent crime in adolescence. One session will focus on homicide trends in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Session Objectives: At the conclusion of the session, the participant (learner) will be able to: 1. Discuss risks associated with physical assault against educators 2. Describe rising homicide trends in New Orleans during 1999-2006. 3. Understand the basic shape of the age-crime curve 4. Describe the characteristics of homicide-followed-by-suicide perpetrators 5. Describe the prevalence of partner violence victimization continuation from adolescence to early adulthood in the US

8:35 AM
Occupational Violence in the Schools: Impact of Environmental Factors
Susan G. Gerberich, PhD, Nancy M. Nachreiner, PhD, MPH, Andrew D. Ryan, MS, Timothy R. Church, PhD, Steven J. Mongin, MS, Patricia M. McGovern, PhD, MPH, Mindy S. Geisser, MS, Gavin D. Watt, BS, Denise M. Feda, PhD, Starr K. Sage, MPH and Evette Pinder, MPH
8:50 AM
Homicide trends in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1999–2006
Joan Marie Brunkard, PhD, Corrine Williams, ScD and Diana Bensyl, PhD
9:05 AM
Enduring effects of neighborhood disadvantage on the age-crime curve
Anthony Fabio, PhD, Li-Chuan (Charlotte) Tu, MS and Jacqueline Cohen, PhD
9:20 AM
Characteristics of perpetrators in homicide-followed-by-suicide incidents: National Violent Death Reporting System—17 U.S. States, 2003-2005
J. Logan, PhD, Holly A. Hill, MD, PhD, Michele Lynberg Black, PhD, Alexander E. Crosby, MD, MPH, Debra L. Karch, PhD, Jamar D. Barnes, MPH and Keri M. Lubell, PhD

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Organized by: Epidemiology
Endorsed by: Injury Control and Emergency Health Services, Peace Caucus, Public Health Nursing, Socialist Caucus, School Health Education and Services, Women's Caucus

CE Credits: CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing

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