4365.0 Veterans' Health: PTSD, Sexual Trauma, Cardiovascular Disease, Medication Adherence, Post-Deployment Needs

Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 4:30 PM
The five conclusions for this session are as follows: 1.Low physical or mental health status prior to combat exposure significantly increases the risk of developing PTSD after deployment 2.Both women and men with a positive MST screen were three times more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health condition than patients who did not report MST 3.The poor sensitivity of the Morisky Scale (MTS) demonstrates the need for objective measurements of adherence in order to identify and address medication non-adherence 4.Incorporating Internet-mediated pedometers with automatic uploading, online tracking and tailored feedback into a traditional nutritional weight-loss program results in greater weight loss in sedentary high-risk veterans than walking programs that use time-based walking goals or simple pedometers that require manual logging 5.Identify the health and social needs of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan
Session Objectives: There are five objectives for this session. To: 1.Discuss the longitudinal relationship between baseline functional health and PTSD 2.Describe the mental health conditions associated with Military Sexual Trauma among OEF/OIF veterans 3.Understand the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of measuring medication adherence 4.Describe the results of the Veterans Walk for Health Study, specifically the magnitude of the marginal increase in weight loss attributable to enhanced pedometers 5.Understand the association between dual-system utilization and amputation
Katherine Virgo, PhD, MBA

4:45 PM
Burden of mental illness associated with military sexual trauma among veterans deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan
Rachel Kimerling, PhD, Joanne Pavao, MPH, Amy E. Street, PhD, Kristian Gima, BA, Mark W. Smith, PhD, Ruth Cronkite, PhD and Susan Frayne, MD, MPH
5:00 PM
A novel approach to assessing medication adherence using clinical databases
Donald Robinaugh, MA, Michelle Ulmer, BA, Marilena Antonopoulos, PharmD, Stuart R. Lipsitz, ScD and Sundar Natarajan, MD, MSc
5:15 PM
Promoting walking in veterans at high risk for cardiovascular disease: Results from the Veterans Walk for Health randomized controlled trial
Caroline R. Richardson, MD, David E. Goodrich, EdD, Robert G. Holleman, MPH, Angela R. Larkin, David L. Ronis, PhD and Julie C. Lowery, PhD

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