5124.0 Health Services Research: Hospital Occupancy, Utilization, Finances, & Workforce

Wednesday, October 29, 2008: 10:30 AM
The five conclusions for this session are as follows: 1.Patients admitted to the hospital on days when capacity was strained had an increased likelihood of risk-adjusted all-cause death while hospitalized 2.Although personal factors were the most commonly reported reasons for RNs who endorsed their licenses from California to other states, policies that encourage nurses to continue practicing in their current state of licensure may help the state recruit and retain more of its nurses 3.Preliminary findings point to the existence of patients who may be at elevated risks of radiation effects from CT imaging 4.There is a need for follow-up of day surgery patients for a week or more following their procedures 5.The modest association of income, equity, assets and liability ratios with inpatient sepsis mortality, after adjusting for many other factors, underscores the importance of hospital financial viability, regardless of ownership type
Session Objectives: There are five objectives for this session. To: 1.Identify the risk of mortality to hospitalized patients associated with hospital occupancy rates at the time of admission 2.Identify some of the reasons why RNs endorse their licenses to other states and what their plans are for working in the states where they hold active nursing licenses 3.Measure the extent to which patients get multiple CTs in a two-year period, and to investigate the factors that influence the probability of having multiple images 4.Describe the patterns of complication, as measured by post-surgery hospital admission, for patients receiving day surgical procedures 5.Identify financial factors associated with sepsis mortality
Arlene Ash, PhD

10:30 AM
Hospital occupancy and patient mortality
Matthew D. McHugh, PhD, JD, MPH
11:00 AM
Use of CT (computed tomography) in a Medicare population
Rebecca S. Lewis, MPH and Mythreyi Bhargavan, PhD
11:15 AM
Day for night: Hospital admissions for day surgery patients
Mary Nelson Tran, PhD, MPH and Brian Paciotti, PhD
11:30 AM
Hospital finances and inpatient sepsis mortality
Jim E. Banta, PhD, MPH, C. Torben Thomsen, PhD and H. Bryant Nguyen, MD, MS

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