3349.0 Addressing Reproductive Health Needs in California

Monday, October 27, 2008: 2:30 PM
This session examines the reproductive health needs of the diverse California population. Good quality provider-client communication is a key component of effective family planning services. However, clinic staff are often hesitant to talk about sexuality. The Center for Health Training will present a new training curriculum to increase discussions of sexuality during family planning counseling. Recent data shows an increase in birth rates among older teens, while birth rates among younger teens have declined. Understanding how attitudes and behaviors regarding contraception and pregnancy differ among younger and older youth can guide the development of age-appropriate messages and services needed to reverse this trend. The results of a survey conducted by the California Teen Pregnancy Prevention program will be highlighted. Latina youth shoulder a disproportionate burden of teen pregnancies in the state. The second presentation will discuss the results of qualitative research designed to increase understanding of pregnancy intent among Latino youth. A serious concern among African Americans and Latinos is the widespread perception of discrimination regarding HIV/AIDS prevention and birth control. Results of research assessing discrimination based on gender and racial/ethnicity will be presented.
Session Objectives: 1) Identify HIV/AIDS and birth control conspiracy beliefs endorsed by young urban Latinos and African Americans 2) Explain the rationale for integrating sexuality into reproductive health care 3) Describe young Latinas’ attitudes towards the timing and wanting of their current pregnancy, including differences based on age and nativity 4) Compare and contrast contraceptive attitudes and behaviors between younger and older youth surveyed through California’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention program

2:30 PM
2:50 PM
Perceived discrimination and HIV/birth control conspiracy beliefs among a sample of urban African American, Latino and White young adults
S. Marie Harvey, MPH, DrPH, Christopher R. Agnew, PhD, Christy A. Sherman, PhD and Jocelyn Warren, MPH, PhD
3:10 PM
Do ask, do tell: Bringing sexuality into reproductive health
Marsha Gelt, MPH and Amanda Newstetter, MSW
3:30 PM
Pregnancy intendedness and decision-making among young Latinas: Findings from a qualitative study
Sarah L. Schwartz, MPH, Lauren Ralph, MPH, M. Antonia Biggs, PhD, Abigail Arons and Claire Brindis, DrPH

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Organized by: Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health
Endorsed by: Socialist Caucus

CE Credits: CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing