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Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 4:30 PM
This Panel will discuss several current topics including: *Update on Diacetyl (exposure resulting in "popcorn lung"). It is used much more widely in the manufacture of food, not just in making popcorn. While the unions have forced Federal OSHA to start work on an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), California has already promulgated a Diacetyl Standard. In addition, previously exposed workers won the lawsuit they brought against the flavoring manufacturer, and were able to prove their damaged lungs were directly linked to their exposure. Exposure to diacetyl has gone well beyond popcorn. A CalOSHA inspector will present IH monitoring data from diacetyl collected in CA plants, as well as the regulatory considerations in promulgating an ETS; it may be possible to get an industry IH to talk about the H&S changes for CA workers with the standard in place, IE engineering controls -> respirators. * Update on Exposure to California Wildland Fires. Wildland firefighters will discuss differences in levels of training -> protection as well as morbidity/mortality over time. There may be differences in effect due to differences based on employment status re the use of 'volunteer' and prison labor and National Guardsmen vs full time professional firefighters. We are reaching out to the San Diego community who worked on the this year's fires to present on the H&S issues, as well as attend the session.
Session Objectives: Upon completion of this session participants will be able to: * Recognize/Identify industries and foods that contain Diacetyl and prevent exposure. * Identify exposures related to Wildland fires, especially to those populations * review state legislations that will protect public sector workers.
Rebecca Cohen, RN DrPH

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Peter Dooley, MS, CIH, CSP

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