3357.0 Environmental Health Paradigms including Bed Bugs Without Borders.

Monday, October 27, 2008: 2:30 PM
Exploration of emvironmental health paradigms when developing the public health nursing curriculum. The broad scope of physical, biological, chemical and physical agents involved in environmental health will be discussed as well as specific environmental health issues such as "bed bug reinfestation and migration". While bed bugs were common before World War II in households in the United States and Europe, they became rare in the 1950s, only to reemerge in the late 1990s. Increased international travel is one of the many variables used to explain this resurgence. Pest control companies and environmental health agencies nation wide are documenting a marked rise in the number of bed-bug related calls. Yet public health professionals may not possess the skills necessary to identify and respond to this reemerging public health threat. The topics covered will include insect identification, insect behavior, clinical and environmental manifestations, and prevention and control. There will be a particular focus on those situations in which public health nurses may encounter these cryptic, yet tenacious travelers.
Session Objectives: List two methods of integrating "environmental strands" into the public health nursing curriculum. Observe bed bug samples and identify their clinical symptoms and environmental signs. Discuss methods for prevention and control of bed bugs in various settings including hotel/motel rooms, apartment buildings, nursing homes, homeless shelters and single family residences. Describe two key elements of environmental health paradigms as applied to public health nursing practice. Discuss environmental concerns during traveling as well as everyday living.
Charmaine Fitzig, RN, DrPH

2:30 PM
Public Health Nursing Practice: Finding Evidence to Apply to Environmental Health Issues
Jeanne B. Hewitt, PhD RN, Deborah L. Pasha, BSN, RN, Daniel N. Weber, PhD, Mary E. Boulanger, MS, MLS, Ann Backus, MS and David H. Petering, PhD
2:50 PM

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