5086.0 Feral Cats, Public Health and the Environment: a dialogue

Wednesday, October 29, 2008: 8:30 AM
Panel Discussion
Feral cats and their relationship with the environment have been a concern and a nuisance linking local health departments and the general community. The complaint calls start in the spring after the newest litters of outdoor cats swell the numbers of the current colonies. This usually happens after the annual national vaccination drive, held for public awareness and care of cats and dogs... Summer months bring another mating season, resulting in a next wave of unwanted litters in the early autumn. Feral and stray numbers swell, bringing numerous complaint calls regarding concerns about rabies. The following spring brings the next wave of unwanted litters and the numbers, and need for food and shelter expands. 114 The number of calls to local heath departments is growing and the issue is (becoming and in some communities has become) a major concern for public health officials nationwide. With no check on the growing numbers of cats, and no immunization against rabies, this public health concern needs to be addressed. .. At the local level we have looked at the concern of rabies and other illnesses, nuisance calls, the expansion into the urban environment and the possible environmental impact the cats could have. A need for a humane and practical solution has been asked for and after years of concern an answer might be at hand. 106 Four panelists from various academic backgrounds will discuss case studies and model programs which have been successfully implemented. 18
Session Objectives: 1. Recognize the impacts of feral cats on public health. 2. Recognize the impacts of feral cats on the environment. 3. Describe the issues related to disease transmission and populations and feral cats
Thomas Gecewicz, CHO, MPA, CHWM
James E. Dale, DVM, MPH, MBA
Bryan Kortis, ESQ , Julie K. Levy, DVM, PhD , Cheryl A. Maccaroni, Esquire , Gordon Stull, VMD , Eric Stiles, MS Ecology , John C. Saccenti, MA, MSED, ED Sp and Thomas Gecewicz, CHO, MPA, CHWM

9:20 AM
9:40 AM
Public Health Policy Development in Animal Control
John C. Saccenti, MA, MSED, ED and Thomas Gecewicz, CHO, MPA, CHWM

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