5022.0 MCH Womens Health Poster Session

Wednesday, October 29, 2008: 8:30 AM
The purpose of this session is to present multidisciplinary intervention approaches to promote women's health, especially mental health and pregnancy health. The session also describes research findings from studies of multicultural women's samples and describes community-based approaches to assessment and intervention.
Session Objectives: 1. Recognize interventions that have the potential to optimize maternal mental health. 2. Identify exposures that can promote or impede healthy pregnacy outcomes. 3. Construct culturally specific intervention components for pregnant and postpartum women. 4. Describe the associations of substance use and mental health. 5. Recognize multidisciplinary approaches to optimize women's health.
Marjorie Sable, DrPH, MSW and Wendy L. Hellerstedt, MPH, PhD

Board 1
Maternal health and dentistry: A collaborative approach
Kimberly R. Dehler, MS, DDS and Suzanne M. Knight, RN BSN
Board 3
Associations of perinatal mental health and substance use with maternal and infant outcomes
Marilyn E. Gyllstrom, MPH and Wendy L. Hellerstedt, MPH, PhD
Board 4
Identifying and Addressing the Culturally Specific Prenatal Health Needs and Concerns of Pregnant Chinese-American Immigrants
Rebecca Sze, FNP, MPA, Lisa Bernstein, BA, Deborah Hong, MPA, Regina Lee, Esq and Eve E. Weiss, MS
Board 5
Predictors of the Postpartum Visit: Do High-Risk Women get More or Less Care?"
Kelli Jarrett, Briane Accius and Milton Kotelchuck, MPH, PhD, MA
Board 6
Provider advice about pregnancy weight gain and adequacy of weight gain
Renée M. Ferrari, MPH and Anna Maria Siega-Riz, PhD, MS, RD
Board 7
Provider advice about weight loss and physical activity in the postpartum period
Renée M. Ferrari, MPH, Anna Maria Siega-Riz, PhD, MS, RD, Kelly R. Evenson, PhD, Merry-K. Moos, FNP, MPH, Cathy L. Melvin, PhD and Amy Herring, PhD
Board 8
Risk Factors for Postpartum Depressive Symptoms among Oregon Women
Marika D. Wolfe, Kenneth D. Rosenberg, MD, MPH, Jennifer P. Wisdom, PhD, MPH, Annette L. Adams, MA, MPH and Jodi A. Lapidus, PhD

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Organized by: Maternal and Child Health