3421.0 Adolescent sexuality, pregnancy and parenting

Monday, October 27, 2008: 4:30 PM
Sexually active adolescents are at risk for unintended pregnancy and contracting STDs, including HIV/AIDS (CDC, 2005). In 2005, African American students had the highest prevalence of sexual intercourse (CDC, 2006). Sexually active African American youth are at particularly high risk of the unintended consequences of sex because of their over-representation in dangerous urban environments. Evidence suggests that neighborhood, social and individual factors influence the on-set of sexual intercourse among urban African American adolescents. This session will also address the legal issues confronting pregnant teenagers whether they decide to carry the pregnancy to term or have an abortion.
Session Objectives: understand how onset of sexual intercourse differ by age and gender among urban youth in public housing Participants will recognize the legal issues that pregnant adolescents may need to contend with when terminating or continuing a pregnancy. Participants will identify the counseling issues, practical support, and other needs of pregnant adolescents, whether they continue or end the pregnancy.
Katie Sellers, MPH, DrPH and Lynn Roberts, PhD
Katie Sellers, MPH, DrPH

5:20 PM
Relationship Between School Related Assets and Youth Sexual Activity
Cheryl Aspy, PhD, Sara Vesely, PhD, Eleni Tolma, MPH, PhD, Roy Oman, PhD, Sharon Rodine, LaDonna Marshall and Janene Fluhr, MA
5:40 PM
Sexuality and reproductive health among adolescent Somali refugees: Key findings from a qualitative study
Heather Burkland, MPH candidate, Julia Johnsen, MPH, Safiya Jama and Diana DuBois, MPH, MIA

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Organized by: Maternal and Child Health
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