5174.0 Women’s health and Pregnancy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008: 12:30 PM
The purpose of this session is to describe the role of maternal health to women's overall health. The session will articulate how general health contributes to pregnancy health and how pregnancy-related morbidities can lead to later health problems for women. The session will also describe how health services are associated with health outcomes, ranging from pre-conception to postpartum services and outcomes.
Session Objectives: 1. Recognize how maternal health can affect later health. 2. Identifyexposures that can promote or impede healthy pregnacy outcome. 3. Construct culturally specific measures for pregnant and postpartum women. 4. Discuss how national data are constructed to describe maternal morbidity. 5. Recognize multidisciplinary approaches to optimize women's health.
Marjorie R. Sable, DrPH, MSW and Wendy L. Hellerstedt, MPH, PhD
Wendy Hellerstedt, MPH, PhD

12:40 PM
Preterm delivery and implications for maternal hypertension in later life
Laura Chyu, PhD, Eunice Muthengi, MPH, MSW and Michael C. Lu, MD, MPH
1:00 PM
Preconception Wellness: Differences in Health by Immigrant Status
Pamela K. Xaverius, PhD, Joanne Salas, BA and Leigh Tenkku, PhD
1:20 PM
Trends in intrapartum morbidity: United States, 1993-2005
Andrea P. MacKay, MSPH and Cynthia Berg, MD, MPH
1:40 PM
Unintended pregnancy and delayed entry into prenatal care (PNC), among Mexican women in Los Angeles County, CA
Karen M. Coller, MPH, Donna Strobino, PhD, Shin Margaret Chao, PhD, MPH and Michael C. Lu, MD, MPH

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Organized by: Maternal and Child Health
Endorsed by: Community Health Workers SPIG, Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health, Socialist Caucus, Women's Caucus