4313.0 Maternal, Infant, Child and Family Health Poster Session

Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 4:30 PM

Board 4
Kawasaki Disease in Texas Children
Alberto Coustasse, MD,MBA, DrPH, Julius Larry, DDS;JD; MPHc, Kristine Lykens, PhD, Cody Arvidson, PhD and Karan P. Singh, PhD
Board 5
Association between Maternal Stressors during Pregnancy and Adverse Perinatal Outcomes
Darios Getahun, MD, MPH, Valerie C. Crooks, DSW, Jean M. Lawrence, ScD, MPH, MSSA and Steven J. Jacobsen, MD, PhD
Board 6
Prenatal counseling on seatbelts and reported hospitalizations among pregnant women
Mary Elizabeth O'Neil, MPH and Nedra Whitehead, PhD, MS
Board 7
Health behaviors of menopausal women in Taiwan
Shiow Shiun Horng, Shiow-Ing Wu, Yu-Hsuan Lin, Tzu-Ling Chen, Hsing Jen Chang, Ruei-Shiang Shiu and Mei-Ling Hsiao
Board 9
Do smoking and depression during pregnancy impact risk resolution in women receiving an integrated behavioral intervention?
Michele Kiely, DrPH, M. Nabil El-Khorazaty, PhD and Ayman El-Mohandes, MD, MBBCh, MPH

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Organized by: Epidemiology
Endorsed by: Maternal and Child Health, Women's Caucus, Genomics Forum

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