4315.0 Cancer Screening Poster Session

Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 4:30 PM

Board 2
Cost savings of removing diminutive polyps without laboratory histology
William R. Kessler, MD, Robert W. Klein, MS, Ronald C. Wielage, MA MPH Candidate and Douglas K. Rex, MD
Board 3
Board 4
Barriers to completing colonoscopy screenings
Joseph Pare, Melinda Myzak, PhD, John Fialkovich, Adetola Fadeyibi, Mellory Giberson, Joseph Kaserman, Peter Lloyd, Greta Spottswood, Deborah Dameron, James Vecchio, MD and Jan K. Carney, MD MPH
Board 5
Long Mammogram Wait Times in New York City: Myth or Reality?
Ephraim Shapiro, MPA, M Phil, Marian Krauskopf, MS, Lu Hong, Suzy Blumenthal, MPH and Lynn D. Silver, MD, MPH
Board 6
Disparities in breast cancer awareness and stage of diagnosis among women in Philadelphia
Robert Ferdman, MPH, Longjian Liu, MD, PhD, MSc and Sriya Krishnamoorthy, PhD, MPH, CHES
Board 7
Has increased colorectal cancer screening in Maryland shifted CRC to earlier stage at diagnosis?
Jennifer H. Hayes, MEd MPH, Diane M. Dwyer, MD, Linda Bartnyska, Ben Steffen, Carolyn F. Poppell, MS and Eileen K. Steinberger, MD MS

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