3011.0 Silent Tears: Children in Conflict Areas

Monday, October 27, 2008: 8:30 AM
Many children in the US and world wide are growing up in an environment of conflict. This session explores approaches to understanding this non-nurturing environment and approaches towards improving safety. The first two papers are based on work in the United States and the third provides a global perspective. The Journey to Injury Free, describes the impressive work of the Harlem Hospital Injury and Prevention Program and the subsequent national Injury Free Coalition for Kids. Since it was established in 1988, the Harlem Hospital Injury Prevention Program has demonstrated successful approaches such that major injuries requiring hospitalization in Central Harlem have decreased by 60%. It is based on community injury epidemiology and a broad coalition and shows that successful injury prevention programs can be developed in the inner city, Urban Networks to Increasing Thriving Youth through Violence Prevention (UNITY) highlights how prevention addresses the underlying contributors to violence, and offers a comprehensive framework as a solution to preventing violence and improving the quality of life for all communities. UNITY is a national initiative to support cities in building effective, sustainable efforts to prevent violence so that urban youth can thrive in safe environments with supportive relationships and opportunities for success. Internal wars of the late 20th and early 21st century illustrate the post conflict increase in indirect mortality and morbidity that particularly affects the most vulnerable including women and children. Review of epidemiology data demonstrate the situation and provide suggestion of future impact.
Session Objectives: Describe the effectiveness of community coalitions in addressing community safety List at least three ways that violence can be prevented in communities. Describe the epidemiology of war in developing, developed and chronic smoldering country models that lead to indirect mortality and morbidity.

8:30 AM
Journey to injury free
Barbara Barlow, MD
9:20 AM
Public health emergencies & the human cost of war
Frederick M. Burkle, MD, MPH, DTM

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