4332.0 Posters: Psychological Aspects of Well-Being

Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 4:30 PM

Board 2
LIVESTRONG at school: Engaging students in the fight against cancer
Claire Neal, MPH, CHES, Ruth Rechis, PhD and Devon McGoldrick, MPH
Board 3
Quality of Life and Spirituality Among College Students
Charles D. Sands, PhD, MEd, Jared N. DeVirgilis, BS and Alan P. Jung, PhD
Board 4
What Are They Telling Us? Fifth Grade Students Feeling Unsafe
Gloria Jacobson, RN PhD, Barbara Myers Temkin, MSW, Nina Giustino-Kluba, RN, BSN, Karen Kedrowski, MS, RD, CD and Susan K. Riesch, DNSc RN
Board 5
Mental and physical health challenges of veterans returning to college
Sally A. Koblinsky, PhD, Nicolle Buckmiller Jones, MS, Leigh Leslie, PhD and Kevin M. Roy, PhD
Board 7
Exposure, awareness, and knolwedge of suicide prevention: Findings from a national cross-site survey of faculty and staff on college campuses
Robin J. King, PhD, Christine Walrath, PhD, Richard McKeon, PhD, MPH and Kathleen Jones, MPH

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Organized by: School Health Education and Services