3283.0 Novel Approaches to Tobacco Prevention

Monday, October 27, 2008: 2:30 PM

Board 2
Cigarette smoking, STI/HIV risk behaviors, and psychosocial mediators among African American adolescent females
Julia Painter, PhD, MPH, Darren Mays, MPH, Jessica Sales, PhD, Ralph DiClemente, PhD, Gina M. Wingood, ScD MPH and Eve S. Rose, MSPH
Board 5
Relationship between physical activity and smoking status among severe mentally ill individuals
Wayne K. DeRuiter, MSc, Carolyn Dewa, PhD and Guy Faulkner, PhD
Board 6
Do you want to quit smoking cigarettes? Correlates of intent to quit smoking in an adolescent population
Jessica L. Muilenburg, PhD, Lucy Annang, PhD, MPH, Alexandra Burdell, Marylen Rimando, MPH, John Parmer, MPP, Donoria Evans, MPH, William D. Johnson, PhD and Stuart Usdan, PhD
Board 7
Parental conversations in an African-American community: Effect on attitudes toward tobacco use
John Parmer, MPP, Marylen Rimando, MPH, Donoria Wilkerson, Lucy Annang, PhD, MPH, Stuart Usdan, PhD, William D. Johnson, PhD, Alexandra Burdell and Jessica L. Muilenburg, PhD
Board 8
Tobacco-Free Communities: Theory to Practice
Mohammed R. Forouzesh, MPH, PhD, CHES, Toni L. Espinoza-Ferrel, MPH, Barbara Alice Brashear, MPH, Stafford G. Cox, MS, MPH, PhD and Marilyn C. Pritchard, MS
Board 9
Access to and use of tobacco among Tennessean youth
Amal Khoury, PhD, MPH, Brian C. Martin, PhD, MBA, Chul-Young Roh, PhD, MPA, Michael S. Dunn, PhD and Connie Givens, MEd
Board 10
African American adolescent smoking behaviors: Social norms as correlates of smoking status
Jessica L. Muilenburg, PhD, Lucy Annang, PhD, MPH and Stuart Usdan, PhD

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