2052.5 Late Breakers Infectious Disease Epidemiology Poster Session

Sunday, October 26, 2008: 4:30 PM

Board 1
Role of Preventive Healthcare in HIV Prevention among Young African American Men who have Sex with Men
Christina Dorell, MD, MPH, Alexandra Oster, MD, Peter E. Thomas, PhD, MPH, Leandro Mena, MD, MPH and James Heffelfinger, MD, MPH
Board 2
Change in HIV risks among underserved migrant workers: A randomized intervention study
WayWay M. Hlaing, MBBS, MS, PhD, H. Virginia McCoy, PhD, Manny Estrada, MPH and Muni Balakrishnan Rubens, MBBS
Board 3
Investigating increasing numbers of HIV cases in Mississippi: A multifaceted approach
Alexandra M. Oster, MD, Peter E. Thomas, PhD, MPH, Christina Dorell, MD, MPH, Carlos Toledo, Leandro Mena, MD, MPH and James Heffelfinger, MD, MPH
Board 4
Factors associated with delayed entry into primary HIV medical care after HIV diagnosis
Laura Bamford, MD, Peter Ehrenkranz, MD, MPH, Michael Eberhart, MPH, Mark Shpaner, MD and Kathleen Brady, MD
Board 6
Board 7
FluMist Immunization Decreased Flu Related Absenteeism One Year After Administration in a School Based Immunization Program in Alachua County, Florida
Cuc Thi-Hong Tran, MPHc, Krystin Engelhardt, MPHc, Parker A. Small Jr, MD and John Glenn Morris, MD
Board 8
Public health response to intentional inappropriate vaccination practices by a Vaccines for Children provider New Jersey, 2008
Adam J. Langer, DVM, MPH, Barbara Montana, MD, MPH, Janet DeGraaf, MPA, Elizabeth Handschur, MPH, Ella Boyd, VMD, Dileep Sarecha, MBBS, MPH, Angela Sorrells-Washington, JD, Barbara Giudici, RN, MEd, Christina Tan, MD and Eddy Bresnitz, MD, MS
Board 9
Rotavirus Vaccination Uptake and Compliance among Managed Care Infants in the United States (US)
Ami R. Sklar, MPH, Jason E. Kemner, MPH and Henry J. Henk, PhD

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