3034.0 Education, Environment, and Genes: Genomics in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Monday, October 27, 2008: 8:30 AM
This session, "Education, Environment, and Genes: Genomics in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention", will explore advances in knowledge about interactions of genomics education, genetic testing and genetic counseling applied to disease prevention interventions. In the post genomics era, it is abundantly clear that genetic risk factors play an important role for many diseases. Furthermore, the body’s interaction with its surrounding environment is tightly intertwined with these genetic risk factors. We must look forward and identify proper ways to educate public health practitioners, as well as the general public, about these important gene-environment interactions that researchers are beginning to and will continue to identify as important to disease etiology.
Session Objectives: By the end of the session, the participant will be able to: 1. Describe the role of state public health agencies in current and future applications of public biobanks, and genetic testing, education, and counseling. 2. Identify and discuss similarities, differences, and complementarities for professionals in the areas of education, environment, and genomics. 3. Effectively identify possible collaborative opportunities between public health genomics education, environmental and genetic testing, and counseling in practice and research. 4. List and describe roles and responsibilities for public health professionals in genomics education, genetic testing and counseling. 5. Identify reasons why population groups may perceive risks or benefits from genomic research and applications.
Nelson Atehortua, MD, MPH
Lars Olov Bygren, PhD and Carol L. Stone, PhD, MAS, MS

8:30 AM
Feasibility study for a statewide biobank to study preterm births and birth defects in Connecticut
Carol L. Stone, PhD, MAS, MS, Warren Wollschlager and Kati Kelley, DrPH, BCLD
8:42 AM
Public health genomics without borders: Collaboration between public health educators and genetic counselors
Lei-Shih Chen, PhD, PT, CHES, Sharon A. Vaz, MS, RN and Heather H. Goltz, PhD, MSW
9:06 AM
Family Stories: Privileging the "Backstories" of Genetic Screening
Caroline Lieber, MS, CGC, Marsha Hurst, PhD, Rachel N. Grob, MA, PhD and Linwood J. Lewis, PhD
9:18 AM
Transgenerational epigenetic responses to early life experiences
Lars Olov Bygren, MD,PhD and Gunnar Kaati, PhD

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Endorsed by: Environment, Epidemiology, Ethics SPIG, Public Health Education and Health Promotion, Socialist Caucus, Women's Caucus

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