3270.0 Special Topics in HIV-Related Care

Monday, October 27, 2008: 2:30 PM

Board 1
Safety of health care paraprofessionals at peripheral health centers in the era of task shifting for HIV treatment
Ngoyi K. Zacharie Bukonda, PhD, MPH, Ntumba G. Disashi, PhD, MD, Musau WaKabongo, PhD and Kim Young, MPH
Board 2
Acceptability of a daily pill as a pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV
Greg Guest, PhD, Dominick Shattuck, PhD, Laura Johnson, Betty Akumatey, Edith Clarke, MD and Kathleen M. MacQueen, PhD, MPH
Board 3
Living successfully outside prison borders: Intensive case management for paroling HIV+ inmates
Anthony Brown, Victoria Jauregui Burns, Shanell Law, Barry Severe and Corinne Sinclair
Board 4
Improving Use of Oral Health Services Among HIV+ Patients: Project TEETH
Niko Verdecias, MPH, Paul Meissner, MSPH, Arthur E. Blank, PhD, Joan Grcevic, DDS, Alison Karasz, PhD and Robert Beil, MD
Board 6
Continuity of Care for HIV Infected Migrant Patients
Laura Armas-Kolostroubis, MD, Sylvia Moreno, RN and Oscar Gonzalez, PhD
Board 7
Board 8
Variations in primary care physicians HIV risk assessment practice by patient type
Patrick M. High, Dr PH and Deborah G. Girasek, MPH, PhD

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