5150.0 Developing a Model for Evaluating Green Schools and Their Impact on Health and the Environment

Wednesday, October 29, 2008: 12:30 PM
Panel Discussion
There is a surge of school construction and renovation projects using “green” principles. It is important to develop a model to evaluate how these schools affect the environment and the students and staff who use them. Many outcomes require evaluation including water and energy conservation, student and staff health and performance. This session will present and solicit ideas on how can we determine which of these outcomes are affected and what about “greening” a school makes a difference. Presentations wil be short to leave significant time for discussion and audience input. 1. Impact on staff and faculty health: Darryl Alexander, Director Health and Safety, American Federation of Teachers 2. Impact on student health: Barbara Berney, Hunter College 3. Impact on learning and teaching: student performance and productivity: TBA 4. Design and Performance evaluation: criteria for the building envelop: Paula Schenck, Center for Indoor Environments and Health, University of Connecticut Health Center 5. Impact on the environment: schools as a vehicle for water conservation: David O'Donnell, Natural Urban Systems Group, TreePeople (not confirmed)
Session Objectives: 1. Develop model for evaluating green schools and their health and environmental impact. 2. Identify outcomes for evaluating green schools. 3. Identify measures and data to use for evaluating green schools.
Barbara Berney, PhD, MPH

12:30 PM
Developing a model for evaluating green schools and their impact on health and the environment
Barbara Berney, PhD, MPH, Darryl Alexander and Paula Schenck, MPH
12:50 PM
1:50 PM
Outcomes and measures
Barbara Berney, PhD, MPH

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