3083.3 Environment Section Poster Session III

Monday, October 27, 2008: 10:30 AM

Board 1
Community-wide disaster alert: Psychological consequences of living a slow-motion technological disaster
Heather Orom, PhD, Rebecca J. W. Cline, PhD, Aylin Sayir, MA, Tanis Hernandez, MSW, S. Camille Broadway, PhD, Kami J. Silk, PhD and Ann G. Schwartz, PhD, MPH
Board 2
Examination of Built Environment Instruments Addressing Health Promoting Behaviors for People with Disabilities
Jennifer Gray-Stanley, PhD, MPP, James Rimmer, PhD, Brittany K. Haugen, BS and Melissa M. McCall, MArch
Board 3
Primary prevention of lead exposure interventions for low-income urban newborns and their families
Carla Campbell, MD, MS, Edward Gracely, PhD and Naomi Starkey, BS
Board 4
Correlating high blood lead levels in urban children with lead in soil using geospatial analysis and geographically referenced health data
Deborah E. Morrison-Ibrahim, MPH, Qing Lin, PhD, Gabriel Filippelli, PhD and Rosalice Buehrer, MS
Board 5
Lead Safe Babies: A primary prevention program
Peter Palermo, MS, Nancy L. Rothman, EdD, RN, Laura Line, MS and Robert Himmelsbach, BA
Board 6
Blood Lead Exposure and Reading Readiness
Pat McLaine, RN, MPH and Jacqueline Agnew, RN, MPH, PhD
Board 7
Eliminating economic disparities one wall at a time: The Riverside County Healthy Homes Demonstration Program
Steven Uhlman, JD, CIH, Marsie Huling, BS, Aaron Gardner, MA and Wendy Betancourt, MPH
Board 9
Air quality and respiratory illness in youth living in Idaho's Treasure Valley
Elizabeth Hannah, MS, MPH, Kathryn Quinn, BS and Kallie Penchansky, BA

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