5170.0 Health and the Border

Wednesday, October 29, 2008: 12:30 PM
The ten abstracts in this session are part of the National Center for Health Statistics‘ Healthy Border 2010 Program, under the sponsorship of the US-Mexico Border Health Commission (USMBHC). The abstracts address a variety of health issues, including health care access, gender and health, fertility, cardiovascular health, diabetes, breast and cervical cancer, injuries, workforce health, and sociocultural stress. This project takes into account the unique social, cultural, economic, geographic circumstances at the Border to offer a comprehensive picture of the experience of the situation of Hispanics in this area.
Session Objectives: Describe the sociocultural and economic characteristics of the Border Environment. Identify health disparities at the Border. Prioritize the steps necessary to meet the Healthy Border 2010 objectives.
Michael Gerardo, DO,MPH

Table 1
Socio cultural stress, discrimination and health care
Cecilia Rosales, MD, MS, Scott Carvajal, PhD,MPH, Jean McClelland, MLS, Maia Ingram, MPH, Raquel Rubio-Goldsmith, JD, MA, Samantha Sabo, MPH, Melissa McCormick, MA, Jill De Zapien and Floribella Redondo
Table 2
Breast and cervical cancer mortality rates along the U.S. - Mexico border
Graciela E. Silva, PhD, Cecilia Rosales, MD, MS, Robert Guerrero, MBA and April Fernandez, MAS
Table 3
Diabetes mortality rates for Hispanics along the US-Mexico border
Graciela E. Silva, PhD, Cecilia Rosales, MD, MS and Robert Guerrero, MBA
Table 4
Access to Health Care along the US-Mexico Border
Juan Rafael Albertorio, MA, Francis C. Notzon, PhD and Lisa Cacari Stone, PhD
Table 5
Prevalence, ethnic and gender differences in asthma hospitalization at the US-Mexico Border
Juan Rafael Albertorio, MA, Graciela E. Silva, PhD and Francis C. Notzon, PhD
Table 6
Cardiovascular Disease in the US-Mexico Border Region
Juan Rafael Albertorio, MA, R. Frank Gillum, MD and Francis C. Notzon, PhD
Table 8
U.S. Mexico Border Workforce
Antonio Furino, PhD, Professor and Alma Martinez-Jimenez, MS
Table 9
Injury Deaths on the US-Mexico Border, 2004
Francis C. Notzon, PhD and Kassie J. Rogers, MS
Table 10
Gender health on the US-Mexico border
Rosaly Correa de Araujo, MD, MSc, PhD

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