3080.0 Perspectives in Reproductive Health: Youth, Women, HIV/AIDS/STI

Monday, October 27, 2008: 10:30 AM

Board 3
Relationship between Adolescent Depression and Risky Sexual Behaviors
Lara Elise Steele, BA and Sharon Larson, PhD
Board 5
HIV and AIDS prevention needs of Latinos and service providers in California
Stacy A. Morey, MPH, Rosalinda Cano-Hays, RN, Ann Fitzgerald, MPH, Ted C. Morrison, PhD, MPH, Enrique Gomez, MD, Thomas Donohoe, MBA, Joel Peisinger, Arturo Hernandez, MAS, Jaime Carillo, Blanca Lomeli, MD, Ronald Mataya, MD and Juan Carlos Belliard, PhD, MPH
Board 6
Levels of Communication about Sex in a Sample of South African Parents
Pradnya Khatavkar, MS, MHA, Ghazal Soleimani, MEd, Janelle Tavares, BS, Ezra Richards, BS, Yamile Marrero, JD, MPH, Michele Jean-Gilles, PhD and Brenda Lerner, PsyD
Board 9
Results of a Sexual Risk Behavior Assessment for African American Adolescents; Project iMPPACS
Sarah Huggins, MPH, Jelani C. Kerr, PhD (c), Andure Walker, MPH, Debra Massey, MSW, Naomi Farber, PhD and Robert F. Valois, MS, PhD, MPH

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