3191.1 Healthy People: Taiwan Model, from Past to Future

Monday, October 27, 2008: 12:30 PM
Taiwan’s universal health insurance system has been highly appraised all over the world because of its comprehensive and quality features, low price, in addition to easy, equal, and equitable accessibility. However, the success is not without financial challenges. Since the inception of the National Health Insurance (NHI) in 1995, it has been facing rapid increase in health care costs. The Global Budget Payment System (GBPS) and the co-payment adjustments were among the most important reforms in controlling costs and in improving quality of care. In the past years, Taiwan has become very diverse and open along with the thriving economic development. Facing a demographically changing society, Taiwan DOH initiates the “Healthy People 2020” project to construct a sound roadmap to improve health for all people in this country. The two central themes are to increase healthy life expectancy and decrease health inequalities. We use the model of health determinants as the core of discussions involving social environment, healthy lifestyle and quality healthcare. In addition, focused populations were identified for special attention and care. Being an active global partner, Taiwan shares the vision that health should transcend national boundaries. Incidents such as SARS, tsunami or severe natural disasters have heightened such need and awareness. Over the past decade, Taiwan’s public and private donations to international medical aid has surpassed US$450 million, in addition to the extensive healthcare services and emergency humanitarian medical aid provided to the global community.
Session Objectives: Discuss how Taiwan has improved, protected, and promoted health for its citizens via the establishment of the NHI. Understand the financial challenges that Taiwan NHI faces and its solutions by implementing GBPS over the past decade. Identify the health determinants in Taiwan and the strategies for better health for all. Depict the roles and missions of Taiwan in international health.
Sheng-Mou Hou, MD, PhD, MPH and Pikuei Tu, PhD

12:50 PM
1:10 PM

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