Ruth Wetta-Hall, RN, PhD, MPH, MSN

University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita
Preventive Medicine and Public Health
1010 N. Kansas
Wichita, KS
USA 67214
2050.0 A survey of Kansas oncologists' attitudes toward massage therapy for breast cancer patients
3193.0 Effects of therapeutic massage on the quality of life among breast cancer patients during treatment
4015.0 Using evaluation results to improve program delivery, design and policy
5019.0 Outcomes associated with a prenatal diabetes case management program in a suburban health department
5036.0 Communicating Change: Affecting adolescent risk behaviors in an African-American urban community
5049.0 Comparison between Kansas and the Pacific Northwest: Perceived competency of environmental health service providers in delivering the ten essential public health services
5066.0 Local access to care programs (LACPs) for the uninsured: Sedgwick County Project Access 1999 to 2007, a descriptive epidemiological study
5147.0 Engaging your constituency: The Kansas Public Health Association membership project