Ester R. Shapiro, PhD

University of Massachusetts at Boston
Psychology and HORIZON Center
100 Morrissey Blvd.
McCormick 4-269
Boston, MA
USA 02125-3393
3025.0 Maps of Hope: Situational ANALYSIS of Journeys Toward Empowerment for People Living with HIV/AIDS and THEIR Community Health Workers IN Urban Communities of Color
3309.0 Collaborative Research with Immigrant Community Organizations: Promoting Positive Personal and Community Development in Responding to Intensified Detentions and Deportations
4068.0 Community Based Participatory Research as a lens for reconceptualizing service learning: Diverse urban students bridging campus and community
4251.1 Participatory mental health promotion research on a diverse urban campus: Identifying and mobilizing resources for educational success and wellness
5144.0 Identifying Promising Practices to Create, Evaluate and Sustain Community Advisory Boards