Elena Naumova, PhD

Tufts School of Medicine
Department of Public Health and Community Medicine
136 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA
USA 02111
2063.0 Hospitalization for Clostridium Difficile in the US elderly: Associations with livestock operations
2063.0 Seasonality of ill-defined gastrointestinal infections: Can we guess what we do not know
3322.0 Influenza vaccination in children reduces influenza-associated hospitalizations in seniors, 2002-06
4190.0 Associations between temperature, excessive heat events, and infectious gastroenteritis in US elderly
5005.0 Holiday meals: Salmonella outbreaks in hospitals and prisons
5085.0 Age-period-cohort analysis of influenza and pneumonia in US seniors, 1991-2004
5100.0 Contribution of Environmental Drivers to Seasonality of Waterborne Infections: Novel Methodologies for Assessment
5100.0 Seasonality of Viral GI in the US elderly
5100.0 Variations in Seasonal Patterns of Gastrointestinal Infections within a Watershed