Simona Kwon, DrPH, MPH

New York University School of Medicine
Institute of Community Health & Research
Center for the Study of Asian American Health
550 First Ave., SLH
New York, NY
USA 10016
3379.0 Understanding health information preferences of individuals with chronic hepatitis B infection
3379.0 Development of culturally and linguistically appropriate hepatitis B health education messages: Focus group findings from Chinese and Korean immigrant communities in New York City
3379.0 Contextual factors influencing hepatitis B knowledge and perceptions: Understanding the similarities and differences among the Chinese and Korean communities in New York City
3379.0 B Free CEED Legacy Pilot Projects: Promoting best practices and capacity-building for hepatitis B programs in Asian American communities across the United States
3432.0 Applying social marketing principles to develop an evidence-based hepatitis B awareness campaign in Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
4149.0 Identifying best practices for formative data collection in Asian Pacific Islander immigrant communities