Besa Smith, MPH, PhD

Naval Health Research Center
DoD Center for Deployment Health Research
140 Sylvester Road
San Diego, CA
USA 92106-3521
2068.0 Assessment of mental health care service utilization among Millennium Cohort Study participants reporting symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder
3347.1 Prospective investigation of the interrelation of new and persistent mental health symptoms and coping behaviors in a large military cohort
3413.0 Role of combat deployment-induced stress and newly-reported hypertension in the Millennium Cohort Study
4256.0 Association between alternative and complementary health practices and change in body mass index in a large military cohort
5008.0 Are service members deployed in support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan more likely to have sleep problems after deployment?
5042.0 Risk factors for incident diabetes in US military participants of the Millennium Cohort Study
5176.0 Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and associated physical activity levels among US service members