Rajiv N. Rimal, PhD

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Department of Health, Behavior and Society
624 N Broadway
Baltimore, MD
USA 21205-1996
3250.0 Malawi BRIDGE Program: Effects on HIV Prevention Behaviors and Behavioral Predictors
3277.0 Analyzing shame and blame: Correlates of HIV-related stigma in a population-based survey in Malawi
4389.0 Evaluating the Youth-Focused Tisankhenji Radio Program in Malawi: Effects on Career Aspirations, Self-Efficacy, and Determinants of HIV Prevention Behaviors
5058.0 Addressing Cultural Norms around Transactional Sex for HIV Prevention: Findings from the YEAH Campaign in Uganda
5154.0 How Accessible was Information about H1N1? Literacy Assessments of CDC Guidance Documents for Different Audiences